Sessions at UX Camp Brighton 2011 about Agile and Brainstorming and User Experience

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  • LouiseHewitt - No Users Required. Rapid, robust UX for Agile and more.

    by Louise Bloom

    Thinking of just sharing a methodology with a bit of UX improv. Like 'Whose Line is it Anyway', but without the jokes.

    This process has really useful in several areas I just find myself applying time and time again.

    Very good for:
    - requirements gathering with clients
    - working within Agile teams
    - understanding *real* user journeys
    - putting personas in action

    Very fast, low low low fi.

    If we can pull it off we should get from initial concept to solid user experience in less than half an hour - no Visio/Omnigraffle/Axure, no user testing, no deliverables :D