Sessions at Velocity Europe 2011 about Cassandra on Wednesday 9th November

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  • NoSQL performance in the real world

    by David Mytton

    NoSQL databases are now very popular, particularly for new projects.

    However, the same assumptions about deployment and scalability that have been understood from years of working with relational databases like MySQL don’t necessarily apply in the NoSQL world.

    Real world performance can really only be understood once the databases are running at scale but that’s too late to be discovering problems.

    This talk will examine the more popular NoSQL databases – MongoDB, Cassandra, CouchDB – to point out important considerations when deploying each of these technologies.

    It will include how to scale reads and writes, where each database faces bottlenecks (and how to resolve them) and how to deploy redundantly across clusters of machines.

    It will draw on real case study examples from my own and other company’s usage of each database.

    At 1:00pm to 1:45pm, Wednesday 9th November