Sessions at Velocity Europe 2011 with slides on Wednesday 9th November

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  • Designing for Disaster: How Teams Can Thrive in the Cloud

    by Jeffrey Veen

    A few months ago, Jeff sat on a couch in the Typekit offices, staring out the window, and wondering if everything their company had been working towards was about to slip through their fingers. How that story ends is interesting (spoiler alert: the company is still going strong), and Jeff will share lessons on how they got through it and why they were ready for it. But beyond that, he’ll look at how you, your team, your clients, or your company can cultivate a culture of making amazing things—not just on the next project, but on everything you work on for the rest of your career.

    At 9:10am to 9:40am, Wednesday 9th November

  • Fast & Furious: Speed In The Opera Browser

    by Andreas Bovens

    From its early days, Opera has focused on providing its users with a snappy browsing experience on a wide range of hardware and OSes. In this talk, we’ll look at the latest versions of Opera for desktop, Opera Mobile and Opera Mini and explore how they make web pages super fast.

    At 1:00pm to 1:30pm, Wednesday 9th November

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  • Firefox Performance

    by Christian Heilmann

    Ghandi once said that there is more to life than increasing its speed. In the same vein there is more to making a browser amazing than making it perform fast. In this talk you’ll learn what Firefox has in store for users and developers alike and get a glimpse into how a browser can blur the line between apps and the web whilst allowing you to experience the web on your own terms.

    At 2:00pm to 2:35pm, Wednesday 9th November

  • Performance Automation 101

    by Jeroen Tjepkema

    By now we all have become aware that faster websites equal to more pageviews, visitors and revenue. In order to optimize web performance most of you have adopted and put to practice the “14 rules for creating high performance websites”. However important it may be, IT organizations don’t necessarily have the resources, time or money available to devote themselves to continuous fine-tuning their web performance. But there’s still the need to optimize and improve.

    It’s time to look for a “steve-in-a-box” approach, automation of web performance optimization. But where to start, what is the ideal type of product or implementation for me? What will it cost or save me? In this session we will cover every aspect of performance automation and more. We will cover: - Automated vs Manual optimization - Current available automated solutions - Build a business case: How to determine what works best for your site? - Benchmark results of automated solutions, including comparison of: overall performance between vendors, by different types of sites and by supported optimization techniques (spriting, concat scripts, data: URI images, etc.) - Tips & Tricks for implementing performance automation within your organization

    All test data will be shared publicly, including detailed overview of test setup.

    At 2:40pm to 3:25pm, Wednesday 9th November

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  • Mobile UI Performance

    by Estelle Weyl

    Mobile browser performance is constrained by more than just bandwidth. You already know slow loading sites create a bad user experience. But even if you’ve resolved download speed, what happens to the user experience if a site is jumpy, choppy, or worse yet, non-responsive to basic interaction.

    Yes, your site loads quickly even with low bandwidth. You’ve followed the 14 WOP tips. You’ve improved your sites performance, or so you think. Your app is loading quickly, but why is it not responding quickly?

    In this session you’ll learn about what YSlow and Page Speed don’t cover. We’ll talk about images, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and the DOM. We’ll cover common trouble spots that lead to these poor user experiences as well as tips and techniques to prevent these trouble spots from arising.

    At 3:55pm to 4:40pm, Wednesday 9th November

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