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Tuesday 8th November 2011

  • Opening Remarks

    by Steve Souders and John Allspaw

    At 9:00am to 9:10am, Tuesday 8th November

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  • A Career in Web Operations

    by Theo Schlossnagle

    We'll take a whirlwind tour through the world of web operations and try to get a handle on both why it is a challenging occupation and how to do it better.

    At 9:10am to 9:40am, Tuesday 8th November

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  • Lightning Demo: Page Speed Online

    by Andrew Oates

    In this lightning demo we’ll cover the newest Page Speed Online features, including waterfall analysis and critical path highlighting. We’ll show you how to use Page Speed Online to analyze what’s in the critical path of the page load or the first paint, and which Page Speed suggestions should be implemented in order to reduce the time spent on that critical path.

    At 9:40am to 9:48am, Tuesday 8th November

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  • Lightning Demo: weinre - a Debugger for the Mobile Web

    by Patrick Mueller

    Today, web developers have a large number of diagnostic tools available to help debug their web applications, starting with browser-specific debuggers like FireFox’s FireBug and WebKit’s Web Inspector.

    Well, desktop web developers anyway. Most mobile platforms provide little in the way of diagnostic tooling for their browsers, leaving mobile web developers in a bit of a lurch.

    weinre (WEb INspector REmote) is an open source tool to help bridge the web debugging tool gap in mobile. It repurposes the Web Inspector user interface to allow you to interact with a live mobile web application, from the luxury of a desktop browser window.

    While not all of Web Inspector’s function is available in weinre, plenty of goodies are: the Elements panel to inspect and interact with the DOM, a Console to run arbitrary JavaScript code, inspection of LocalStorage and Web SQL storage, and timing and request/response data from XHRs.

    Come see a live demo of weinre at this session!

    At 9:48am to 9:55am, Tuesday 8th November

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  • If You Can Keep Your Site Standing Up When All About You Are Falling Down...

    by Robert Castley

    Sure, front-end performance focus is great. But when your site surges in popularity—a foregone conclusion for us all, right?—web scale preparation can avoid a ton of grief. Think you can’t test your site with hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world without weeks of sleepless nights coding open source tools? This demo from Robert Castley, Solution Engineer and Technologist at Keynote, shows you how to design, run, and analyze a complete Web load test in 5 minutes, with time to spare for tea and biscuits.

    At 9:55am to 10:00am, Tuesday 8th November

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  • What it means to deliver exceptional performance

    by Alois Reitbauer

    Everybody talks about fast websites, but how fast is exceptionally fast? What prevents us from being fast? How good are we in delivering exceptional performance? What do we have to do to become really fast? This fast-paced talk will answer all these questions in only five minutes. Which is the maximum time a user waits for a website to load.

    At 10:00am to 10:05am, Tuesday 8th November

  • The Future of Application Performance Management

    by Brian Doll

    Web applications are being shipped faster, deployed instantly to the cloud and are catering to the ever-growing needs of a technologically connected audience.

    How do you manage it all? How do you maintain high performance in your application, stay on top of your server performance and ensure your end users are getting the best service you can deliver? Find out with New Relic!

    At 10:05am to 10:10am, Tuesday 8th November

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  • The Relationship Between Faster Mobile Sites and Business KPIs: Case Studies from the Mobile Frontier

    by Joshua Bixby

    If you’ve been looking for compelling data that will help you make a case for investing in mobile performance, this session is a must-see.

    Mobile web users are demanding. 85% say they expect sites to download at least as quickly on their mobile devices as they do on their home computers. Almost half say that poor performance makes them less likely to return to the site. And one third say they would visit a competitor’s site next. Yet despite high user expectations, m-commerce sites continue to lag in performance, with the average site taking more than 9 seconds to load.

    Despite the technical constraints of delivering speedy mobile websites, some companies are emerging as leaders. But significant data is still hard to come by. To fill this gap, Joshua has dived into Strangeloop’s customer analytics to evaluate the relationship between performance improvements and business KPIs for m-commerce sites.

    In this session, Joshua will present brand-new data in detailed case studies that show how real-world companies have optimized the performance of their mobile sites, and as a result have experienced dramatic improvements in key performance indicators such as:

    Page views
    Cart size
    Attendees will walk away with a clear before-and-after picture that shows why speed is a critical factor in mobile success.

    At 10:35am to 11:05am, Tuesday 8th November

  • The Velocity of Dev Ops

    by Jon Jenkins

    The speed at which dev ops works is critical. It enables greater innovation and faster reaction in your business. Join Jon Jenkins as he talks about why it’s important to iterate fast, deploy fast, be wrong a lot, and learn from your mistakes.

    At 11:05am to 11:20am, Tuesday 8th November

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  • Betfair's Site Rebuild: Fast - We Promise

    by Tim Morrow

    Betfair recently launched a beta version of their Sports betting website and is in the process of rolling out the site to new customers. We would like to present our journey so far and our results:

    Faster page load times Improving our operational insight into the performance of our website Significantly increasing our rate of deployment through continuous delivery How it impacted our bottom line

    Our talk will explore the initiative in great detail. We will discuss:

    • Why we launched our Customer Commitment
    • The Betfair site architecture
    • Performance techniques applied including reducing the number of HTTP requests, reducing DNS lookups, minification, flushing the buffer early, eliminating iframes, using cookie-free domains for components, optimising CSS sprites
    • How we measure performance How we measure the key business metrics including page load times, conversion rates such as registration, bets placed and revenue per customer

    At 11:20am to 11:50am, Tuesday 8th November

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Wednesday 9th November 2011

  • Designing for Disaster: How Teams Can Thrive in the Cloud

    by Jeffrey Veen

    A few months ago, Jeff sat on a couch in the Typekit offices, staring out the window, and wondering if everything their company had been working towards was about to slip through their fingers. How that story ends is interesting (spoiler alert: the company is still going strong), and Jeff will share lessons on how they got through it and why they were ready for it. But beyond that, he’ll look at how you, your team, your clients, or your company can cultivate a culture of making amazing things—not just on the next project, but on everything you work on for the rest of your career.

    At 9:10am to 9:40am, Wednesday 9th November

  • Lightning Demo: FITB: Network graphing done right

    by Laurie Denness

    Fed up with overly complex graphing tools? Want a simple but powerful way to monitor bandwidth throughout your infrastructure? FITB (fit-bee, or “fill in the blank”) is a tool designed to make polling every switch and router in your network easier, simpler to find, and with more detail than previously possible.

    At 9:40am to 9:48am, Wednesday 9th November

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  • Lightning Demo: Deep Dive Browser Diagnostics

    by Andreas Grabner

    Modern web applications require us to do more than just monitor network traffic. In a Web 2.0 world JavaScript execution and rendering times become increasingly important. Learn how you can use dynaTrace Ajax Edition to optimize your client side to ensure optimal performance. We will walk through a specific example to show how to find what makes your site slow and how to optimize it.

    At 9:48am to 9:55am, Wednesday 9th November

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  • Exhaustive End-User Monitoring: A Necessity in an Ever Complex Digital Environment

    by Arnaud Becart

    In an increasingly complex digital environment, end-user experience must be monitored exhaustively. We can’t focus only on external website performance. End-user experience must be addressed through active & passive technologies covering all B2C & B2B usages (data, voice, video), whatever the context (mobile, cloud, within or outside the firewall). ip-label will illustrate via real customer cases how they provide the largest portfolio of end-user monitoring solutions in the Application Performance Management industry.

    At 9:55am to 10:10am, Wednesday 9th November

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  • Anticipation: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

    by John Allspaw

    We’re all aware that failures happen in every system, and that being prepared to respond to them is paramount. But bringing resilience to your site and your organization also means developing your anticipation muscles; to explicitly work out what fears you may have about your system’s limits and failure modes, and understand what you’ll do when those unfortunate events happen.

    This creative thinking about failure is what you use to guide your architecture, your development, your processes, your hiring, and hopefully: your business.

    Putting in place contingency plans for when things might go wrong means first having an engineer’s imagination for those possible failures and surprising outcomes.

    I’m going to talk about walking the fine line between immobilizing paranoia and a healthy but constant sense of unease in order to build your anticipation muscles.

    At 10:35am to 11:05am, Wednesday 9th November

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  • Full Stack Awareness

    by Artur Bergman

    Performance and operability doesn’t come from simply focusing on a single part of your application or infrastructure. They come from having a systemic view of what makes your stack work, what could bottleneck it, and what could bring it down. I’ll talk about this journey from kernel to continents.

    At 11:05am to 11:20am, Wednesday 9th November

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  • Taking on the Performance Challenge

    by Ivo Teel and Laurens van Hees

    Performance has always been something we at SPIL within Technology had thoughts about, but never really had full focus on. Within Development, the main focus has always been delivering features that the business requires from us; performance was never a mindset that we had during the creation of these features. As we have a global audience of 130 million unique visitors visiting our portals daily, we came to the conclusion that we needed to have more focus in the field of performance. We could get so much more out of our current users, by increasing their browsing experience not only from well connected broadband countries but also from countries that have more scattered performance.

    We’ll share with you what we had to do to get Performance on the map, challenges we faced, what we’ve been able to achieve so far and the lessons we’ve learned up until this point. Performance is now fully on our radar and we still have many things we can and will improve.

    At 11:20am to 11:50am, Wednesday 9th November

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