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  • New Paths for concurrent JavaScript

    by Hannes Wallnöfer

    Node.js has brought the JavaScript event loop from the browser to the server by pairing it with a strictly non-blocking paradigm. This model has proven to work well for I/O centric server applications. If JavaScript is to become a true general-purpose programming language, there will be a need for alternative models of concurrency.

    In this session, Hannes proposes an alternative concurrency model for JavaScript that is based on the Actor model. Starting with W3C Web Workers, he will demonstrate how to build a system that has the benefits of threading, such as true preemptive scheduling without the pitfalls of shared data locking.

    Hannes will focus on features aimed towards highly concurrent CPU-heavy server-side applications, including selective data sharing, concurrent lock-free data structures, functional programming, and read-only data.

    At 1:30pm to 2:00pm, Saturday 15th October