Sessions at Wakanday 2011 about Node.js and CommonJS

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Saturday 15th October 2011

  • The Future of Server-Side JavaScript

    by Oleg Podsechin

    Node.js has captured the attention of early adopters by clearly differentiating itself as being asynchronous from the ground up. Now that server-side JavaScript is at the cutting edge of the asynchronous, real-time web, it is in a much better position to establish itself as the go-to language for synchronous CRUD webapps and gain a stronger foothold on the server.

    Oleg’s talk will cover the current state of server-side JavaScript beyond Node by mapping out the key standards and technologies as well as their respective positions in the stack. He will introduce Common Node, a synchronous CommonJS compatibility layer using node-fibers, which bridges the gap between the different platforms. He will give us a tour of Common Node’s internals, compare its performance to that of other implementations, such as RingoJS, and go through some ideal use cases.

    A case will be made for a cross-platform, synchronous, Rails-like framework. In conclusion, he will identify new areas where server-side JavaScript can really shine, including API mashups, collaborative development and crowdsourced functionality.

    At 2:00pm to 2:30pm, Saturday 15th October

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