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Thursday 14th July 2011

  • The Developer Experience

    by Pamela Fox

    We all know what “user experience” is and we know that it’s important. We analyze drop-off rates for sign-in flows, do A/B testing on color schemes, and organize user focus groups for new features. But we rarely talk about the “developer experience” - what we all go through each time we try to use a developer tool, library, or API. How do we decide what tool to use? Is it easy to integrate with our development environment? How flexible is the API? Where do we go when something goes wrong? Those are the sort of questions that we can ask to understand what it’s like for a developer to use a product - and where it can be improved.

    Whether you simply use developer products or you actually build one yourself, you should walk away from this talk with ideas on how to make a great developer experience - and why it matters.

    At 9:15am to 10:00am, Thursday 14th July

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  • Preparation H

    by Jef Weg

    "CSS sucks! Can we please go back to intuitive tables?" - Anonymous developer

    "Why does CSS make me want to kill myself? How do I make it OBEY me?" - Anonymous aspiring dictator

    "I'm having a bad day. CSS ate my brains." - Anonymous zombie

    CSS may seem unreliable, but actually it's just a bit dumb. We'll take a look at the dumbest bits of CSS, and we'll check out CSS's optional, shiny new brain, SASS and Compass.

    Coming to this talk might make you better at CSS. It might also make you smarter, sexier and funnier at parties.

    At 10:00am to 10:45am, Thursday 14th July

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  • WebSockets.open()

    by Jeremy Boyd

    HTML5 Web Sockets provide full-duplex communication superseding the traditional polling, streaming or plug-in based alternatives. The goal is pretty clear - a highly scalable and highly responsive mechanism for two way communication. We will have a look at the current state of play both from a browser perspective and what support exists at the server plus play around with some examples which highlight why this is likely to be very useful for you to know about.

    At 11:15am to 12:00pm, Thursday 14th July

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  • HTML5 for Humans

    by Paul Irish

    Paul will cover our current available feature set in HTML5, CSS3 and other other fun shiny toys. He'll discuss where we are with browser adoption and dig into the best ways to enhance user experiences through these features today. Paul will take a practical and cross-browser friendly approach that covers all browsers and reviews topics like feature detection, polyfills, and page performance.

    At 1:30pm to 2:15pm, Thursday 14th July

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  • The forgotten art of Web Performance

    by John Clegg

    We all _know_ that web performance is important. We all want fast broadband, right? What if I told you we can make our websites twice as fast NOW!?!? In this session, John is going to look at some key principles behind web performance that seem to have been forgotten by web developers these days. John will show you some tricks to make your website "Fast by default!".

    Also, John will tell us the current state of Web performance in New Zealand. John has been following how fast NZ websites are over the last 3 years. He'll tell us, what we're doing right and what we're doing wrong and how we can fix it.

    In a previous life, John was CTO of Indian online auction websites Bidorbuy.co.in and Baazee.com. He learnt how important web performance was for the business and how to make small changes made a big difference to the bottom line.

    At 3:00pm to 3:30pm, Thursday 14th July

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  • Web Security - Get ahead (er)

    by Kirk Jackson

    The internet moves fast, browsers change, and keeping your website safe is a continuing process. What are the latest things you should be doing?

    At 3:00pm to 3:30pm, Thursday 14th July

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  • Apocalypse Node

    by Craig Walker

    Have you ever thought about what it would be like to write JavaScript on the server? No?!? Well - doesn't matter because that's what I'm talking about anyway. But while server-side JS is awesome, Node is a lot more than that and I will introduce you to the impending apocalypse to all other server-side platforms that is Node (actually it's probably not - but Node is cool and new and as web developers we love shiny things).

    At 4:00pm to 4:45pm, Thursday 14th July

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