Sessions at WDCNZ 2011 about CSS3 with slides

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Thursday 14th July 2011

  • Preparation H

    by Jef Weg

    "CSS sucks! Can we please go back to intuitive tables?" - Anonymous developer

    "Why does CSS make me want to kill myself? How do I make it OBEY me?" - Anonymous aspiring dictator

    "I'm having a bad day. CSS ate my brains." - Anonymous zombie

    CSS may seem unreliable, but actually it's just a bit dumb. We'll take a look at the dumbest bits of CSS, and we'll check out CSS's optional, shiny new brain, SASS and Compass.

    Coming to this talk might make you better at CSS. It might also make you smarter, sexier and funnier at parties.

    At 10:00am to 10:45am, Thursday 14th July

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