Sessions at Web Directions South 2011 about CSS on Thursday 13th October

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  • CSS3 - the web's Swiss Army Knife updated and improved

    by Stephanie Sullivan Rewis

    Throughout the years, the Swiss Army Knife has been the trusted companion of scouts and explorers alike, and for front-end developers, CSS has been a trusty, if sometimes frustrating, companion. And just as blades, scissors and sundry tools have been added to the Swiss Army Knife, with CSS3, we have new tools and implements of creativity, and some tried and true tools have been honed and sharpened. Of course the key to success is knowing which of the many tools to use and how to wield them in a given situation. Join Stephanie Rewis as she explores some shiny enhancements to favorite old tools like backgrounds and borders, as well as slices and dices with new tools like CSS masks and more!

    At 11:45am to 12:40pm, Thursday 13th October

    In Design Track, Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre