Sessions at Web Directions South 2011 about JavaScript on Friday 14th October

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  • HTML5 API Soup - Recipes for Maximum Taste

    by Damon Oehlman

    Most jaw-dropping apps use multiple HTML5 APIs in creative ways, rather than a single API in isolation. In this session we will explore ways you can implement and combine HTML APIs such as websockets, web workers, local storage, and geolocation to make awesome web apps. Then just for fun we’ll look at how you can dish up something really special by throwing in ingredients like canvas, video and WebGL.

    At 11:45am to 12:40pm, Friday 14th October

    In Development Track, Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre

  • How to be a Web Sorcerer

    by Dmitry Baranovskiy

    The Web is a purely magical substance that is built by us, web developers. How can it be that the web is totally technical, yet we all know some kids who we can call magicians of the Web. Some people believe that it’s all about skills, but Dmitry reckons it’s more about bravely, grit and a tiny bit of madness.

    Do you want to change the Web, not just build it? Do you want to know the secret spells? Do you want to know the source of all this unlimited power? Come and find out.

    At 1:45pm to 2:35pm, Friday 14th October

    In BigPicture Track, Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre

  • Up and Running with Node.js

    by Tom Hughes-Croucher

    Learn how to build high performance Internet and web applications with Node.js. In is session Tom Hughes-Croucher will demonstrate how to quickly build a high performance chat server using Node.js. This live coding exercise will provide a real insight into what it looks like to build a project in server-side Javascript. We will also cover how to deploy Node applications in production and look at just how far Node can really scale… A million connections and beyond?

    At 2:40pm to 3:30pm, Friday 14th October

    In Development Track, Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre