Sessions at webinale 2011 on Monday 30th May

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  • The Rise of the Social App - Trends to look out for

    New social apps have gone beyond location and simple sharing and are now all about the group.

    Being mobile has gone from "where are you?" to "what's happening where you are right now?" and now it is all about "what are you doing now and who do you want to share it with?"

    With the launch of "group apps" such as Color and Groupon, we are seeing that it is no longer all about location and time sensitive offers, but with the rise and rise of social media, and the adoption of mobile, the new sweet spot is at the nexus of local, social, mobile and the group.

    Leading London based digital strategist will look at what the new breed of social apps means for advertisers, developers, traditional and new media as well as today's mobile consumer.

    At 2:00pm to 2:45pm, Monday 30th May

  • Das mobile Internet im Jahr 2021

    by Matthias C. Schroeder

    On Monday 30th May