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Friday 18th November 2011

  • The Context Problem: How We Broke it and Might Be Able to Fix It

    by Andrew Hinton

    Once upon a time, we knew where we were and who we were talking to.

    We even knew who we were, for the most part.

    But these days it's not so simple.

    From Facebook identity to ubiquitous mobility, technology is changing what what "here" means, and confounding deep assumptions our brains make about perception and meaning. But too often, design efforts don't address these invisible issues of context, sometimes leading to catastrophic failure.

    This talk gets to the heart of how the new networked reality has disrupted context, and suggests some possible ways those of us designing new spaces and connections do a better job of shaping context with digital design.

    At 12:40pm to 12:50pm, Friday 18th November

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