Sessions at Wharton Web Conference 2011 on Tuesday 12th July

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  • Demystifying HTML 5 & CSS 3

    by Stef. Sullivan Rewis

    So what’s up with this whole HTML 5 thing? Is CSS 3 really that much better than CSS2? Stephanie Sullivan Rewis will lead you though a day-long workshop looking at the ins & outs of this new technology. Chock-full of code examples, sample sites, and actual take-aways, this workshop will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. You will walk out armed with techniques to improve and update your site right away.

    If you’ve never seen Stephanie present, you’re in for a treat. She’s impressed audiences from Seattle to Miami, New York to San Diego, and everywhere in between. Having literally written the book on CSS, we couldn’t ask for a more dynamic and engaging speaker.

    This session is intended for those who have a comfort level in viewing and editing HTML & CSS code. While you don’t need to be a fulltime developer, you should have some experience in editing CSS by hand.

    At 9:00am to 4:45pm, Tuesday 12th July

  • How to Become a jQuery Ninja

    by Jay Blanchard

    After a quick overview of basic HTML, CSS and jQuery interaction get ready to dig deep into an intense workshop where you will learn how to don your jQuery cloaks and go out into the web development world to quickly and efficiently cast aside the evils that occupy the web interaction landscape. The workshop includes (but is not limited to) ­

    • 60 Selectors in 60 Minutes ­ make the most of jQuery¹s selectors and DOM traversal methods
    • The AJAX Diaries ­ flex the power and grace of jQuery¹s AJAX methods.
    • Astounding Animation ­ more movement than a dance troupe using jQuery¹s animation methods
    • Plugin-a-palooza ­ build a real-world plugin that combines several jQuery methods

    NOTE: for the shortened session all facets will be whittled down to fit the time allowed.

    At 9:00am to 4:45pm, Tuesday 12th July

  • Tapworthy Mobile Design and User Experience

    by Josh Clark

    From first concept to polished pixel, learn to create a mobile app that delights. This full-day workshop teaches participants to “think mobile” by planning and creating app interfaces in tune with the psychology, culture, ergonomics, and context of an audience on the go. Attendees will learn to conceive and refine an app’s interface and user experience in tune with the needs of a mobile audience—and their fingers and thumbs. The workshop explores the key principles of mobile and touchscreen design, using examples from the major mobile platforms.

    This workshop isn’t (only) for geeks. Experienced designers and newcomers alike will uncover the shifts in mindset and technique required to craft a great mobile app. It’s for everyone involved in the app design process—designers, programmers, managers, marketers, clients. The workshop equips participants to ask the right questions (and find the right answers) to make aesthetic, technical, and usability decisions that will make their apps a pleasure to use.

    At 9:00am to 4:45pm, Tuesday 12th July