Sessions at YUIConf 2011 about Design and Widgets on Thursday 3rd November

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  • YUI Dial Widget: A New Breed of UI Input Control

    by Jeff Conniff

    The Dial widget is a circular value input control. It's like a real-world, analog volume control dial, but with much finer UI control. Have you ever needed a slider with a 2000 unit range, wanted 1 unit accuracy, but didn't have 2000 pixels of real estate for a slider? The Dial widget is made for cases like this.

    What you'll learn from this talk:

    1. Compare and contrast the Dial control features to other UI input controls such as sliders, spinners.

    2. See compelling (and visually tasty) examples of Dial solutions to UI challenges.

    3. How to implement one in your code.

    4. Explore the Dial attributes.

    At 4:30pm to 5:30pm, Thursday 3rd November