Sessions at ACCU 2012 about Test DrivenĀ Development

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Thursday 26th April 2012

  • Developing a walking skeleton using TDD

    by Paul Grenyer

    Starting with an (almost) clean IDE Paul will develop a Walking Skeleton. The walking skeleton was described by Alistair Cockburn as "... a tiny implementation of the system that performs a small end-to-end function. It need not use the final architecture, but it should link together the main architectural components. The architecture and the functionality can then evolve in parallel." It is also one of the theme's in Freeman & Pryce's Growing Object Orientated Software Guided by Tests.

    In this session Paul will start with an (almost) clean IDE and develop a walking skeleton for a simple application and demonstrate how Test Driven Development (TDD) can be used even at the system level to test features.

    At 11:00am to 11:30am, Thursday 26th April