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Eric Richmond

Giving small to midsize companies a competitive edge is the driving force behind what I do.

Grant McMullin

Designer, Developer, World Traveller. Throwing caution and name into the wind... bio from Twitter

Brent Swisher

Just a geek who likes tea

Bruce Bowman

Sr. Product Manager for Creative Cloud Services at Adobe

Robert Dyson

Software Developer, Music Producer/Engineer, Vegan bio from Twitter

J. Smith

front-end web developer. web designer. writer. social media advocate. content strategist. occasional speaker. bio from Twitter

Howard Fore

Trying to find the answers to life's persistent questions. bio from Twitter

Sam Singer

Follower of Christ; husband to Jaime, father and grandfather, songwriter; http://www.reverbnation.com/samsinger, http://formylittlechildren.blogspot.com/ bio from Twitter

Matt Harris

Maybe the Nick Fury of @twitter. Married to @cindyli. Kryptonite hurts me. bio from Twitter

Jason Beaird

UX Designer at PowerDMS and author of The Principles of Beautiful Web Design

Jason Elgin

I'm a designer, front-end developer, runner, reader, and movie watcher. Coding @352inc bio from Twitter

Adam Clark

Founder of @PodcastRoyaleHQ. I help busy entrepreneurs take the guesswork out of launching and growing podcasts that convert. bio from Twitter

Cesar A Olivas

RockStar Front End Developer [UI/UX] and CSS Ninja :) Enamorado de la vida y de todo lo que hay en ella. 100% PRI bio from Twitter

Samantha Warren

Experience Design Manager, Adobe Stock + Typekit. #AdobeDesign Maker of http://styletil.es. Formerly @Twitter. I like big fonts. Tweets are my own. bio from Twitter

Graham Ballantyne

How would you rate your ham? bio from Twitter

Benjamin Otieno

Digital Arts/Animator bio from Twitter

Danny Chang

I love design products bio from Twitter

Douglas Borenstein

Hi, I'm Douglas. I work for Slalom Consulting. I like mobile. bio from Twitter

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Jeffrey Zeldman

A List Apart, An Event Apart, A Book Apart, Designing With Web Standards, The Big Web Show, School of Visual Arts, studio.zeldman

James H.

Atlanta Falcons Digital Media Designer / Developer, NFL Technology Advocate bio from Twitter

Evan Mullins

Interactive designer loves animating content and the intersection of art and tech. I contribute to make the web a prettier, easier place for you & grandma.

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Jared M. Spool

Exploring the boundaries of User Experience and United's Customer Service. Founder @UIE, Co-founder @CenterCentre. Thank you for encouraging my behavior! bio from Twitter

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aviva rosenstein
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Eric A. Meyer

Web standards | (X)HTML | CSS | microformats | community | writing | speaking | signing man.

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Cindy Li

Just me,Cindy Li.My other 1/2 is @themattharris. Staff Product Designer for Flickr iPhone. bio from Twitter

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Marco Arment

Creator of Instapaper. Amateur writer. Coffee nut. bio from Twitter

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Nicole Sullivan

Sr Director of Engineering. You write CSS the way you do because of me. OOCSS, CSSLint, Smush It, Dr Frankenstyle, typeOmatic. CSSConf founder, author, speaker. bio from Twitter

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