[Async]: Functional JavaScript

Reduce complexity and create more reusable, provable, scalable and composable programs

28 June 2012 from 7:15pm to 9:30pm

In which Async and Functional Brighton join forces for the night.

Functional Programming is an old paradigm with new interest that can reduce complexity and create more reusable, provable, scalable and composable programs. But what are the main features of functional programming? Why should you be interested? And why now?
Kingley Davies will introduce the topic and its usefulness as a design pattern in JavaScript.

Roy is a new statically typed functional language that compiles to JavasScript. It's designed to help with correctness while being lightweight and working well with existing JavaScript code.
Richard Dallaway will reveal its beauty, its warts and all.

Amongst other functional delights on the night...

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  • Alex Farran
  • Dean
  • Richard Dallaway
  • Chris Newton
  • Yann Eves
  • Mister Blister
  • Async
  • Kingsley Davies
  • Damo
  • Martin Digon
  • Premasagar Rose
  • Aron
  • Jana Lyon
  • Thomas Parslow
  • Sam
  • Oscar Armer
  • Will Jenkins
  • Matthew Cleghorn
  • Adhip Gupta
  • The Skiff
  • Arthur Guy
  • Dominic Mitchell

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