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Ramesh Bajgain

Trekking And Tours operator at Nepal Holiday Treks And Tours Pvt. Ltd

Glenn Jones

Exploring semantic mark-up and data portability ideas. Founnder of Madgex. Brighton geek

Peter B

Designer. Developer. Student. bio from Twitter

Arthur Guy

Freelance Web Developer


Web designer and developer bio from Twitter

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Brandwatch is the world's best Social Media Monitoring tool. This account is managed by @LinkYeah with occasional gems from @HannahEmanuel, @DomSoar & others bio from Twitter

Huw Selley

A pedantic, ranty asshole with issues. I also do stuff with telecoms and software. bio from Twitter

Mike Bardzinski

Telecoms / IT professional. Arm chair philosopher, intermittent amateur astronomer. bio from Twitter

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The Skiff

Coworking, desks, meeting rooms, events and workshop spaces for a community of freelancers, mobile workers and small companies in the middle of Brighton. bio from Twitter

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Thomas Parslow

I'm Tom, I'm a freelance programmer from Brighton specializing in Python, Javascript and RESTful API design. I have a website at http://almostobsolete.net

Chris Wilson

Aptivate’s Chief Engineer, responsible for implementing the company’s technology strategy. Bandwidth management, firewalls, network security, Linux, open source bio from Twitter

Alexander Hosford

Music Informatics Graduate, Mobile Recording, Audio Consultation, Speech Processing, Sound Design bio from Twitter

Graham Scott

A funny man with dog eyes and a hanging tongue; it goes way back. bio from Twitter

Adhip Gupta

coffee. web. developer. brighton. formula1. music. vxtindia. coffee. coffee. bio from Twitter

Paul Ferguson

Freelance Web Dev chap & Bike lover. Riding: U̶K̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶I̶s̶t̶a̶n̶b̶u̶l̶, Rio to Patagonia

Laura Gales

Interested in: #Bitcoin, #JavaScript, #NodeJS, #Regex & #FancyRats

Julian KrispelSamsel

Passionate about writing code and changing nappies @rainforestqa http://goodafternoon.co


full liberation | they/their bio from Twitter

Chris Newton

I program for the web. I mostly tweet observations, musings and opinions on tech, science fiction and video games. Though not necessarily in that order. bio from Twitter

Rob Kent

Bits, bytes, agenbite of inwit. bio from Twitter

Adam Yeats

Creative Technologist at @MetaBroadcast. JavaScript and Node.js guy. It was all a dream, I used to read .net magazine. bio from Twitter

Riccardo Tonini

distils code, designs artefacts, rides bikes, cooks recipes and much more...

Alex Farran

Freelance web developer - http://www.alexfarran.com bio from Twitter


Product guy at @tidelift (we're hiring!) @librariesio and @dependencyci. Part time game designer and co founder of @atpcardgame. bio from Twitter

Munir Syed

Damn do I need to do this? bio from Twitter

Simon Harriyott

Busy .NET software entwickler at a Premier League-winning football club. Mentor. Founder of @MatchMatix. Guitarist, bassist, accordionist, and drummist. bio from Twitter

Luis Abreu

Freelance iOS Design Specialist, Cognitive Sciences (@brainclubbtn), Systems Thinking, Future, SCIENCE. bio from Twitter

Julian Weaver

Makes, codes, curates, directs and manages stuff

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