[Async]: Three Dimensions Good

A Little Introduction to WebGL Programming with Three.js

23 August 2012 from 7:15pm to 9:30pm

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☞ Read full details: http://asyncjs.com/threejs/

It’s more than just one better than 2D, much more. Inconceivable even a few years ago, 3D graphics are coming to a browser near you in the shape of WebGL, a JavaScript API to implement interactive 3D graphics, straight in the browser.

This talk will focus on Three.js, the most popular open-source library out there. We will walk through a simple, but hopefully engaging, little Three.js creation with an aim to providing the rudiments needed to start your playing in the WebGL pool. As much gratuitous eye-candy as time allows…

Although there’s a heavy emphasis on the gaming potential of WebGL, it’s scope is far wider. Data visualisation, from bioinformatics to tweet streams, can be enriched by the addition of a third-dimension. Engaging with information in a 3D context is a large part of what we’re evolved to do, and the Web can now start to exploit that.

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