Sessions at Breaking Development 2012: Orlando with notes on Tuesday 17th April

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  • Here Be Dragons: Mobile Web and the Enterprise

    by Matt Menzer

    One web! Responsive web design! Mobile first! Inspired by the amazing talks you've heard at the mobile web conference, you return to work ready to tackle your next big mobile web project. Wow, it's a Fortune 500 company! "They thought that newspaper project was cool," you tell yourself, "wait until they see what we do with this!" You're going to change the world!

    Wait, what do you mean mobile isn't part of the web division? They call this a budget? And who are these other jokers you have to deal with in eCommerce?

    In this presentation, we'll arm you with an awareness of some common pitfalls you may face when dealing with enterprise clients, and show you some strategies to combat or avoid them, so your next project emerges as a shining beacon of mobile web innovation.

    At 8:00am to 8:30am, Tuesday 17th April

  • Context Bloody Context

    by Cennydd Bowles

    If you've been in the mobile field for a while, you're sick of context debates. Sure, they all start innocently, but soon enough they collapse into a sad tangle of metaphysics ("But what IS context anyway?"), lazy stereotypes, and implausible scenarios involving public transport. So let's try a fresh approach. Dictionary definitions and "it depends" generalizations are hereby banned. Let's talk details. We'll discuss whether context even matters in modern web design, ways to find out how people will use your product, design principles for different situations, and why we've been looking at the whole thing upside-down anyway.

    At 10:15am to 11:15am, Tuesday 17th April

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  • Rolling Up Our Responsive Sleeves

    by Ethan Marcotte

    There's been healthy discussion about the fundamentals of responsive design, combining fluid grids and media queries to create more flexible, device-agnostic sites. So does that mean responsive design is a magic formula that solves all our problems? Well, no. But thankfully, we didn't get into web design because we wanted to be bored. In this session we'll review strategies for handling trickier elements that'd make even the most seasoned designer quail: stuff like advertising, complex layouts, deep navigation patterns, third-party media, and, yes, actual, honest-to-goodness content.

    At 11:30am to 12:30pm, Tuesday 17th April

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  • This Web Goes to 11

    by James Pearce

    You've made your web site fit a 320px screen, but you had a hunch there was more to this whole mobile thing than that. And now you're thinking about geolocation, social design, photo uploading, NFC and augmented reality. Wait, what? CSS3 didn't prepare you for this.

    The web is getting a whole lot more exciting, and mobile's at the vanguard. The boundaries between browser and device, device and user - as well as between users and their friends - are where many of its unexplored opportunities lie.

    Let's talk about what works, what doesn't, what should, and what will - and discuss the real possibilities and opportunities that standardized device and network APIs can offer. Our hopes and dreams for a rich, contextual, social web will depend on them.

    At 3:15pm to 4:15pm, Tuesday 17th April

  • Reset the Web

    by Stephanie Rieger

    Midway through a project, a client of ours recently said "One thing I'm learning is that it's ok to give up on the desktop experience once it stops making sense". This wasn't an isolated incident. In fact, i'm beginning to think desktop web sites stopped making sense quite a while ago. We've just had nothing viable to replace them with. Mobile apps have given us a glimpse, but I think they're merely a glimpse into something bigger.

    Mobile isn't merely a new stage in the evolution of the web, it's not even merely a new context, it's the very early stages of an entirely new system. A system that has already started to shape our environment, affect the way we live, how we choose to connect with others, and how we're able to spend our time. A system that is also slowly unravelling our assumptions and causing us to question the very reason we build web sites, why people visit them, and where the true value of the web actually lies.

    At 4:30pm to 5:30pm, Tuesday 17th April