Sessions at Big Design Conference 2012 about CSS on Friday 1st June

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  • Surviving CSS by Thriving with SASS

    by Ken Tabor

    Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a core technology of the Internet. All web sites rely on this presentation language for displaying its pages. CSS is incredibly tricky. It’s seemingly built well for no single audience confounding artists and frustrating programmers alike. Without planning a project’s CSS can turn into a proverbial mess of spaghetti code because it has no formal structure as traditional programming languages.

    Lovely additions to CSS3 such as drop-shadows and gradient-backgrounds turn ugly given a myriad of browser-specific tags. There are ways to survive and thrive developing CSS. In this talk we introduce SASS, a freely available open-source tool that sits on top of CSS. SASS adds key features to CSS such as reuse, logical structure, inheritance, and functions.

    SASS is detailed during this presentation showing how it can help solve significant shortcomings of CSS easily and completely. Best practices earned from real-world use cases are summarized for the audience in illustrative slides and copious demos.

    At 11:00am to 12:00pm, Friday 1st June

    In Chinaberry Room, Addison Crowne Plaza Hotel