Sessions at Big Design Conference 2012 about Web Typography on Friday 1st June

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  • CSS3 Web Typography Changes Everything

    by Thomas Phinney

    Web typography has been changing dramatically thanks to browser support for @font-face and server-based fonts. Web designers now have thousands of font choices where they once had just a dozen. But beyond @font-face, CSS 3 introduces myriad new OpenType typographic controls, being supported by the latest browsers. These OpenType features bring to web design the level of typographic refinement that print designers have enjoyed for the past decade. Beyond that, OpenType can do things you’ve never imagined fonts could do, from translating text to self-censorship, from building charts to predicting the future!

    What You Will Learn:

    • How @font-face server-based web fonts work, and what options they replace
    • Your choices for enabling @font-face, from self-hosting to web font services
    • Learn about the state and near future of advanced typography support in browsers
    • See how OpenType can make text more sophisticated
    • Examine the “correct” typographic use of all these new features
    • Review OpenType features in action on web pages, from workhorse everyday typography to the surprising and bizarre, via fonts created by Phinney and friends

    At 10:00am to 11:00am, Friday 1st June

    In Chinaberry Room, Addison Crowne Plaza Hotel