Big Data Conference 2012

How to sift through this massive amount of information to find the most critical and actionable items of intelligence

28 speakers

  • Mr. Grant Ingersoll Chief Scientist, Lucid Imagination @gsingers
  • Mr. Steve Kearns Director, Product Management, Basis Technology
  • Mr. Abel Sussman Lead Associate, Biometrics, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Mr. Anthony Hoogs Director, Computer Vision, Kitware, Inc.
  • Mr. Stephen Brobst Chief Technical Officer, Teradata Corp.
  • Mr. Dalton Jones Senior Biometrics Executive, Identity Intelligence Project Office, DIA
  • Ms. Lisa Spuria Director, Analysis and Production, NGA
  • RADM William Leigher Director of Program Integration for Information Dominance, US Navy
  • Dr. Suzanne Yoakum-Stover Director, Institute for Modern Intelligence
  • Ms. Susie Adams Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Federal
  • Mr. Chris Powell Director, Geospatial Programs, NT Concepts
  • Mr. William Lazzaro Director of Engineering, Concurrent Computer Corporation
  • Ms. Dawn Meyerriecks Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Acquisition and Technology, (ODNI)
  • Mr. Robert Marlin Deputy Director of ISR, USAF
  • Mr. David Hagan Biometric Solutions Chief Architect, Lockheed Martin
  • Mr. Steve Hagan Vice President, Server Technologies, Oracle
  • COL Charles Wells Project Manager, Distributed Common Ground System – Army (DCGS-A)
  • Mr. Mark Guiton Director, Government Programs, Cray Research
  • Ms. Lynn Schnurr Senior Technical Advisor, Army Intelligence CIO, G-2
  • Ms. Wendy Wigen Coordinator, Big Data Analytics, National Coordination Office for NITRD
  • Mr. Peter Guerra Senior Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Mr. Jeff Jonas Chief Scientist, Entity Analytics Group, IBM
  • Dr. Ernest Reith Associate Executive Assistant Director, Science and Technology, FBI
  • Dr. Robert Bonneau Senior Program Manager, Complex Networks, AFOSR

Day 1 from 9am to 5pm Tuesday 8th May 2012

Day 2 from 9am to 5pm Wednesday 9th May 2012

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