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Monday 23rd April 2012

  • Big Data London – 10th Big Data London Meetup

    At 6:00pm to 9:00pm, Monday 23rd April

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  • Big Data London launches at Google Campus - Opening event for Big Data Week London

    by Tim Estes, Adewale Oshineye, FlyingBinary, Emmanuel Marchal, Musicmetric, Acunu, Digital Reasoning, Michael Manoochehri, Jacqui Taylor and Doug Cutting

    Welcome to the 10th Big Data London meetup! We'll be kicking off Big Data Week, celebrating St. George's Day and one of the first meetups to be hosted by Google's new campus. What more could you want?

    Come and join us for an evening of Big Data talks and discussions and possibly some surprises!

    18:30: Welcome and start networking around beer and pizza

    19:00: We have the following awesome speakers

    Michael Manoochehri from Google San Fransisco Michael is a Developer Relations tech lead for Cloud and Data platforms. With years of experience working for research and non-profit organizations, he is interested in making data analysis on large scale computing infrastructure more accessible. Michael has written for ProgrammableWeb.com, researched mobile phone use in Uganda, and holds a Masters degree from UC Berkeley's School of Information.

    Michael will explain "Big Data's Journey Toward Ubiquitous Computing" and how as the technology carries us toward a world of ubiquitous computing, data collection and analysis will become even more accessible - and invisible. We'll take a brief look at the confluence of trends influencing the design of next-generation data tools, and we will also have a quick preview of Google's upcoming Big Data analysis tool, BigQuery.

    Ade Oshineye from Google UK Ade is a Senior Developer Advocate in Google's London office and
    works on the Google+ project. Over the last decade he's worked on trading systems for a variety of investment banks as well as on Google's advertising and mobile search systems. He's also the
    co-author of "Apprenticeship Patterns": a book that teaches you how to learn to be a great programmer.

    In his short talk Ade will introduce us to some of the components of the emerging knowledge graph:
    - +1 button
    - snippets
    - schema.org and entities
    - Google+ profiles

    -Doug Cutting (from Cloudera, co-founder of the Apache Hadoop project and creator of Nutch and Lucene): Avro Data

    -Tim Estes (CEO of Digital Reasoning): Automating Understanding of Human Data at Scale

    20:30: continue networking

    21:30: wrap up

    Big Data London is co-organized by big data companies Acunu.com and Musicmetric.com

    About the sponsors: Big thanks to Skype and Eden Ventures for sponsoring the beers and pizzas; and for Flying Binary and Google for hosting the meetup at the brand new Google Campus in london tech city.

    At 6:30pm to 10:00pm, Monday 23rd April

Wednesday 25th April 2012