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Sandro Pereira

Portuguese BizTalk MVP, Active blogger and a participant on the MSDN BizTalk Server Forums. https://mvp.support.microsoft.com/profile/Sandro.Pereira bio from Twitter

Tord Glad Nordahl

BizTalk Advisor at Bouvet in Norway. Blogger, Author, public speaker. www.BizTalkAdmin.com bio from Twitter

This person is speaking at this event.
BizTalk 360

Monitor and Support Microsoft BizTalk Server. Helps Microsoft BizTalk Server customers to better run their day to day operations by providing better tooling. bio from Twitter

Lex Hegt

BizTalk Admin, Architect and Developer, Field hockey, wine and whisky lover. Creator of BizTalkEvents, blogger, Tigella evangelist. bio from Twitter

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