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Tuesday 5th June 2012

  • The Art and Science of Influence

    by Stephanie Agresta

    The Influence industry has been disrupted. The rise of social media has democratized the playing field of influencers and opened up an entire new world of advocates and audience. These “new famous” can have as impactful of a role as traditional journalists , editors and celebrities have had in the past. Today, brands and agencies are struggling to define who is influential and how to measure the impact of this new influence. The emerging area of IRM (Influencer Relationship Management) can provide clients with the ability to truly scale their outreach programs.

    Key Points
    This session will explore a best practices approach to balancing the art and science of Influence and present case studies of brands that are successfully managing this emerging area of public relations.
    1. Understand the variety of tools in the marketplace that support Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) and best-practices approach to scaling this emerging skill
    2. Ideas for how to enhance relationships with online influencers (in a variety of verticals)
    3. Explore impact of influence on community management (through case studies)

    At 10:15am to 11:15am, Tuesday 5th June

    In 1A21, Jacob K Javits Convention Center

  • How To Effectively Podcast To A Global Audience

    by Chris Marquardt, Anne-Sophie, Karin Hoegh and Mark Pentleton

    Many new podcasters find themselves occupied with checking the download stats of their podcast. Most podcasters are pleasantly surprised when they find that their show is being downloaded from all over the globe.

    This session is led be a panel of experienced podcasters who actually podcast from outside the United States. If you would like to learn how you can more effectively communicate to a global audience, you do not want to miss this session.

    Key Points
    1. You'll come away with a broader understanding of your potential audience.
    2. You'll learn the common mistakes that many podcasters make, that actually hamper the ability of growing their audience beyond the US borders.
    3. You may just come away with the inspiration of creating a podcast where the International Community will be your target audience.

    At 11:30am to 12:30pm, Tuesday 5th June

    In 1A15, Jacob K Javits Convention Center

  • Affiliate Marketing the SMART Way: Stop Hoping and Start Earning

    by Pat Flynn

    Successful affiliate marketing is more than just throwing up links on a blog post or in an email broadcast and hoping for the best. It’s all about how you present your affiliate offers to your audience – making them feel extremely comfortable about making a purchase through you like it was a product of your own, and taking down those barriers that usually leave people on the fence for good. In this session, I’ll cover several strategies that I’ve used to run successful affiliate campaigns that have always led to a win-win for all parties involved.

    Key Points
    1. Specific strategies and tactics that you can use immediately to successfully run affiliate campaigns that convert.
    2. The power of "indirect" and "non-aggressive" affiliate marketing.
    3. Various ways to work with affiliate product owners to maximize conversions and increase authority in your niche.

    At 2:30pm to 3:30pm, Tuesday 5th June

    In 1A10, Jacob K Javits Convention Center

  • From Book to Podcast & Back Again

    by Evo Terra

    Over the last six years, the concept of podcasting your book has gone mainstream. With over 1000 titles produced, it’s become a trusted method for authors to increase their audience, provide unique content that keeps their readers engaged, and a reliable sales channel.

    Key Points
    1. How can giving away content lead to sales?
    2. What unique challenges authors, and would-be authors, encounter as the pool of available works grows?
    3. You'll learn the tricks from those who have come before and a few un-turned stones from pioneers of this new frontier.

    At 2:30pm to 3:30pm, Tuesday 5th June

    In 1A16, Jacob K Javits Convention Center

  • Growing Your Web Series Audience

    At 3:45pm to 4:45pm, Tuesday 5th June

    In 1A17, Jacob K Javits Convention Center

Wednesday 6th June 2012

  • The 7 Don'ts for Online Community Managers

    by debbahaupert

    What they DON’T tell you in Online Community Manager School! Sometimes we need to look at things from the other side – of all the things we shouldn’t do, or new ways to look at the tasks we have to master to be a sane and successful Online Community Manager. We’ll share lessons learned when we … ‘Don’t be afraid to try new things’ and how we can really succeed when we “Don’t try to do everything.” Debba Haupert lives the do’s and don’ts of community management for her online community of women called Girlfriendology.com. Don’t miss this!

    Key Points
    The 7 Don'ts of an Online Community Manager
    1. Don't do it if you're not passionate about your community
    2. Don't be afraid to get to know your audience
    3. Don't be afraid to try new things
    4. Don't do it the hard way – the tools/shortcuts to use wherever possible
    5. How to prioritize projects – Don't try to do everything
    6. Don't just look busy – stay focused on goals
    7. Don't keep it to yourself – share with and learn from others

    At 10:15am to 11:15am, Wednesday 6th June

    In 1A08, Jacob K Javits Convention Center

  • Engaging & Interacting with Your Audience

    At 11:30am to 12:30pm, Wednesday 6th June

    In 1A17, Jacob K Javits Convention Center

  • 50 Content Creation Ideas: You will Never Suffer from Bloggers Block Again!

    by Rich Brooks

    Have you ever stared at your empty blog post and said, “I don’t know what to blog about?” Never again! In this fast-paced session we’ll look at 50–count ‘em 50!–resources, websites, and ideas so that you’ll always have fresh, compelling content to attract new visitors and engage readers at your blog. Bonus! You can use these same content creation tools for your ezine, YouTube channel, and even–gasp–your print newsletter.

    Key Points
    1. An insane amount of resources to help you focus on creating quality content for your audience
    2. Tips on how to turn other people's stale content into fresh content for you and your readers
    3. Ways to have content ideas delivered to you on a daily basis.

    At 2:30pm to 3:30pm, Wednesday 6th June

    In 1A06, Jacob K Javits Convention Center

  • How To Build Your Audience and Marketing Your Podcast

    by Cliff Ravenscraft

    Most every podcaster wants to know, “How Do I Grow My Audience?” Many times they will say something like, “I’ve been podcasting for (insert number) of months/years and I only have (insert number) of people who are consistently downloading each of my episodes.”

    I’m all for growing our audience. However, I’d prefer to say, I’ve been podcasting for (insert number) of months/years and I’ve been blessed to grow my audience to a point where (insert number) people are consistently downloading each of my episodes, and I’m ready to take the reach of my show to a whole new level. Remember that each of these “downloads” represents a person/human being who are giving you the most valuable asset of that they have, their time.

    In this session, I’ll share a minimum of twenty five things that you can do to ensure the growth of your audience and take your podcast marketing to a whole new level.

    Key Points
    1. Learn about the power of a narrow niche focus for your podcast!
    2. Understand the need to keep it positive and provide hope!
    3. Learn that content IS KING but that Audio Quality is QUEEN and there are times when the Queen will tump the King!
    4. Learn why "Build It & They Will Come" does not often work in podcasting and what to do about it.
    5. And at least twenty one valuable take-aways!

    At 3:45pm to 4:45pm, Wednesday 6th June

    In 1A16, Jacob K Javits Convention Center

Thursday 7th June 2012

  • How To Build A Thriving Community Around Your Podcast

    by Cliff Ravenscraft, Lain Ehmann and Justin Lukasavige

    Podcasting is a platform that provides a deeper connection your your audience because it brings you right into their cars, their homes, and their lives.

    With a podcast, you’re not a flat name on a page. You’re a real, living, breathing, storytelling friend — one they can trust and connect with. As your audience feels more connected to you, the more likely they will have a desire to connect with each other.

    Come prepared to learn how podcasters have built amazing community experiences around their podcasting efforts.

    Key Points
    1. Learn the value of seeing those who download your podcast as individual people and not just a "download stat."
    2. Learn how to create environments that facilitate organic community growth.
    3. Learn how to mange all that email and all those social media connections.
    4. Learn how a podcast provides a level of intimacy with your community that no blog post can imitate.

    At 2:30pm to 3:30pm, Thursday 7th June

    In 1A16, Jacob K Javits Convention Center