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Tuesday 5th June 2012

  • Learn to be an Editor Instead of Just a Blogger

    by Nikki Katz

    Most bloggers are writers, but are you an editor too? Being the managing editor of your own site allows you to treat it like the professional periodical it deserves to be. In this session Nikki will walk you through how to create and manage an editorial calendar; develop editorial standards surrounding your vision and voice; learning to objectively edit your own work; establish a method for soliciting guest bloggers, managing and editing their work; and finding quality contributing bloggers to regularly submit content.

    Key Points
    1. Create an editorial calendar to manage content and contributors.
    2. Develop editorial standards for consistency of voice and posts
    3. Solicit guest and contributing bloggers

    At 10:15am to 11:15am, Tuesday 5th June

    In 1A06, Jacob K Javits Convention Center

  • YouTube Awesome 2012: No Camera, Content, Or Audience? No Problem!

    by Paul Colligan

    The idea that YouTube requires a video camera, a library of content or a pre-existing audience is downright silly. You can start on YouTube, today, and connect with your ideal customer, today, with none of these things. Using (legal) technology and simple processes anyone can quickly build a real YouTube audience of people interested in what it is they have to say. Whether you are starting from scratch or have a library of content you want to connect with your audience – this is the session for you.

    Key Points
    1. Build videos that impact without a video camera.
    2. Increase your YouTube video views count automatically – and with YouTube's permission.
    3. Get as many outbound links from YouTube to whatever sites you want – as are legally possible.
    4. Get your videos on the "related videos" list of the most viewed videos on your topic.
    5. Use someone else's ego to legally steal their audience.
    6. See your videos not once, but multiple times in the search terms that matter.

    At 10:15am to 11:15am, Tuesday 5th June

    In 1A17, Jacob K Javits Convention Center

  • 10 Steps to Build Your Business Through Your Content

    by David Murray

    Finding the right type of content to create can be a challenge. However, getting people plugged into your content can be even more difficult. With the onslaught of information hitting us, how can a business stand out and make an impression? The answer is communication. How an individual or business communicates to someone makes the difference. Content can get someones attention, but if there is no connection, there will be no sale. It’s not just about content. Real communication through content will help increase your bottom line.

    Key Points
    Attendees of this session will walk away knowing:
    1. The difference between creating content and connecting customers with their content.
    2. How to increase sales and referrals through effective communication with effective content.
    3. How different types of content speak differently to audiences, and how to best use certain channels.

    At 11:30am to 12:30pm, Tuesday 5th June

    In 1A06, Jacob K Javits Convention Center

Wednesday 6th June 2012

  • A World Gone Mobile

    by chuck martin

    This fast-paced, high energy presentation will highlight the technological and, more significantly, the behavioral changes caused by the Mobile revolution. Consumers have new and significant computing power in their hands and are using it based on time and location. Will trace the evolution of mobile and the smartphone and show how it is a consumer-led phenomenon. It will put in context SMS, MMS, apps, 2D barcodes and location-based activities. It also will include how mobile is local and how consumers will be searching for information and reading content and blogs based on where they are and on their own timeframe.

    Key Points
    Understanding mobile in a broader context The relationships of apps, texting and MMS, 2D Barcodes The global nature and scope of mobile

    At 9:00am to 10:00am, Wednesday 6th June

  • Future of Content Creation: What is Next?

    by shanesnow and Andraz Tori

    Join Andraz Tori of Zemanta and Shane Snow as they discuss future trends of content creation and how that will affect bloggers and content creators as well as brands in 2012 and beyond.

    Key Points
    Topics to be covered:
    * Success Stories
    * Tools that work
    * Great Content = Great SEO
    * Content Creation Outsourcing
    * Social Media Influence on Content Coverage
    * Brands as Publishers

    At 10:15am to 11:15am, Wednesday 6th June

    In 1A06, Jacob K Javits Convention Center

  • How To Create A Podcast Network

    Creating podcast network can be daunting to those who do not understand the entire scope and possible pitfalls of this emerging medium. In this session, Andrew Zarian, Spencer Kobren, and Kunal Aroroa (From The Guys From Queens Network) will be discussing the do’s and dont’s of creating your own network, ways to think outside the box when it comes to monetizing your content, and the importance of compelling content creation

    Key Points
    1. How to Develop an Podcast Network
    2. How to Monetize your podcast,Thinking outside the Box.
    3. Content really matters. The importance of compelling content
    4. Live content vs. on-demand podcasts why both are necessary

    At 10:15am to 11:15am, Wednesday 6th June

    In 1A15, Jacob K Javits Convention Center

  • Using Photography to Make Your Content More Engaging

    by Jane Quigley

    At 10:15am to 11:15am, Wednesday 6th June

    In 1A07, Jacob K Javits Convention Center

  • Overcoming Content Procrastination Start to Finish

    by Marty Coleman

    Using the metaphor of running races of varying distances and combining it with the inspiring Napkin Dad Story I will explain how anyone, the person just starting a blog or long time veteran, can set themselves up for content creation success in the short and long term. Areas of effort familiar to runners are also applicable to the world of blogging and content creation. These include: Training & Equipment Partners & Communities Nutrition & Hydration Cross-training & Rest Injuries & Setbacks Whatever creative race you are about to run, learning these lessons will help you run it better.

    Key Points
    1. Attendees will learn how to prepare for the unknown. In running and in content creation you do not know for certain what is up ahead. Preparation for the unknown is key.
    2. Attendees will learn how to pace themselves properly. Every race, every distance is different and puts different demands on us. Understanding the proper pace for what you are trying to accomplish is essential.
    3. Attendees will learn that there is always something they can accomplish successfully. Comparing your achievements to others will do less for your success than comparing it to your own accomplishments.

    At 11:30am to 12:30pm, Wednesday 6th June

    In 1A06, Jacob K Javits Convention Center

  • 50 Content Creation Ideas: You will Never Suffer from Bloggers Block Again!

    by Rich Brooks

    Have you ever stared at your empty blog post and said, “I don’t know what to blog about?” Never again! In this fast-paced session we’ll look at 50–count ‘em 50!–resources, websites, and ideas so that you’ll always have fresh, compelling content to attract new visitors and engage readers at your blog. Bonus! You can use these same content creation tools for your ezine, YouTube channel, and even–gasp–your print newsletter.

    Key Points
    1. An insane amount of resources to help you focus on creating quality content for your audience
    2. Tips on how to turn other people's stale content into fresh content for you and your readers
    3. Ways to have content ideas delivered to you on a daily basis.

    At 2:30pm to 3:30pm, Wednesday 6th June

    In 1A06, Jacob K Javits Convention Center

  • Creation, Curation and Collection: Getting to know Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr

    by Matthew Knell

    Facebook will continue to be the king of social networks for a while, but consumers are still spending an increasing amount of time on more and more social networks. Niche social networks like Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare, Tumblr and other just to name a few. How does this affect today’s marketer? What skills are needed to maintain a community over so many platforms and media channels?

    Key Points
    A good understanding of segmentation options, tastes, metrics, and cutting edge platforms.

    At 2:30pm to 3:30pm, Wednesday 6th June

    In 1A22, Jacob K Javits Convention Center

  • Let’s Make Some Mobile Happen! (ACTIONABLE Steps to Making Your Content Mobile)

    by Sara Santiago

    So, you get it now. You have to make your content mobile, but HOW? Sara Santiago will go through the *actual* steps you need to take to support the mobile devices that your readers are using today. Whether you have a WordPress, Blogger, Movable Type, Drupal, or other type of blog, Sara will show you exactly what you need to do to make your content mobile. Seriously. She has some mad skills.

    Key Points

    We’ll cover:
    Do I really need an “App for that?” (Pros and cons of native app development over mobile web development.) Does the same content fit for desktop and mobile? When is a theme switcher not enough? What are some rookie mistakes that I should avoid? How did Sara get so awesome? Has she stopped coughing yet? More. Much, much more. Come with all of your mobile questions, and get the answers you need for taking the next steps in making your web content mobile. Come bearing cocktails and snacks, and Sara might just do it for you. Probably.

    At 2:30pm to 3:30pm, Wednesday 6th June

    In 1A12, Jacob K Javits Convention Center

  • The Future of Podcast Distribution & Content Strategies

    by Noah Shanok, Rob Walch, Kc Wayland and Rob Greenlee

    This session will be a frank and open discussion about current large and smaller podcast distribution platforms and the effective strategies to achieve audience growth. The session will share and discuss future types of distribution platforms that will help content creators reach audiences over the next few years.

    This panel will present experts from all sides of the podcasting and web TV areas. This panel will also discuss how podcasting is becoming one of many ways content providers will distribute and monetize their shows. Are individual podcaster apps the strategy direction for the future or will aggregation platforms still rule and how HTML5 apps could change all of this? How important is Apple iTunes and Zune Marketplace in the future for podcasters? We will look to the audience to engage with us in this very important discussion. If you have questions that you would like us to answer in this topic area during this session then send them to Rob Greenlee at rob@zune.net.

    Key Points
    1. Clear understanding of all the core podcast distribution “Must Be On” platforms and tips to get featured
    2. Understanding of the future direction and trends around podcast and web TV content distribution
    3. How Audio and Video Podcast distribution and audience use is diverging based on screen size

    At 2:30pm to 3:30pm, Wednesday 6th June

    In 1A15, Jacob K Javits Convention Center

Thursday 7th June 2012

  • Optimize and Socialize for Better Content Marketing

    by Lee Odden

    Search, social media and content marketing are converging, and consumers are using numerous ways to discover, consume and act on content. In this session, you’ll learn how to use content marketing best practices to design information that inspires audiences to share, buy and recommend your brand.

    Key Points
    1. Learn the framework for an optimize and socialize approach to content marketing
    2. Understand the framework for optimizing across the customer lifecycle
    3. Know the difference between KPIs and business outcomes for web and social measurement

    At 9:00am to 10:00am, Thursday 7th June

    In 1A08, Jacob K Javits Convention Center

  • The Art of Writing Epic Sh*t: How to Create Content that Blows Minds and Attracts a Crowd

    by Corbett Barr

    If you’re looking for the same ineffective / unimaginative / played-out tips on using social media more effectively, this session isn’t for you. Learning promotional tactics is not the key to building a bigger audience. Becoming a better Twitter user won’t magically make your business successful. Building a raving audience online all starts with writing epic sh*t. Period. Hands down. End of story. You have to write things that make people think. Inspire people. Change lives. Create value. Blow people away with your usefulness. We’ll explore the art of writing epic sh*t in this exclusive BlogWorld session.

    Key Points
    1. Why the key to building a thriving audience of dedicated fans isn't about learning the latest promotional tactics or social media fads.
    2. 5 examples of incredible success stories that prove writing epic content works for building an audience.
    3. 5 proven strategies you can use to create content that blows minds and attracts a crowd.

    At 10:15am to 11:15am, Thursday 7th June

    In 1A14, Jacob K Javits Convention Center

  • 10 Critical Business Blogging and Content Mistakes That Are Killing Profits and Brand Growth Worldwide

    by Marcus Sheridan

    Although many businesses have finally seen the light when it comes to the power of blogging and content marketing to grow their brand and increase sales, most are still doing it wrong. In this fun and furiously fast-paced session, passionate speaker Marcus Sheridan of The Sales Lion will discuss the major mistakes he sees businesses making with their content marketing efforts and will further share all the tips, strategies, and unorthodox methods he espouses to help businesses become profitable, powerful, and the voice of their industry.

    Key Points
    1. Know exactly how to start a successful business blog
    2. Know how to write in such a way people and search engines will take notice.
    3. Understand the biggest mistakes businesses make when starting a blog and trying to make it successful.

    At 11:30am to 12:30pm, Thursday 7th June

    In 1A06, Jacob K Javits Convention Center

  • 10 Professional Writing Secrets to Create Killer Content

    by Erik Deckers

    This session will show bloggers how to create outstanding written content, rather than relying on keyword-laden schlock and hoping the Google gods will be appeased. We will learn how professional writing techniques — including copywriting, fiction, journalism, and even poetry — can win readers, get them to share your content, and even write about it on their own blogs. With lessons learned from Kurt Vonnegut, Hunter S. Thompson, Tom Waits, and even the guy who said to never end a sentence with a preposition (hint: he was wrong), we’ll learn how to create killer content that will bring in readers.

    Key Points
    1. What journalistic techniques bloggers can use to create short, but effective blog posts.
    2. How both political speechwriters and songwriters stir emotions through visual language and how you can too.
    3. Some grammar rules you learned in school are not only wrong, they should never have been rules to begin with.

    At 2:30pm to 3:30pm, Thursday 7th June

    In 1A06, Jacob K Javits Convention Center

  • How to Distribute Your Content at Scale

    by Yaron Galai

    “If you wrote a blog And no one came to read it Did you write a blog?” You have great content but how valuable is it if no one knows about it? Knowing how to get it discovered is just as important as quality content. Drawing from content consumption data from hundreds of premium publisher sites to assert current content discovery trends and corresponding levels of reader engagement, Outbrain’s CEO, Yaron Galai, will discuss how to amplify your content to help people discover it in areas where they are in read mode across online & social media.

    Key Points
    You'll learn:
    1. How quality content drives reader discovery
    2. How to get high quality traffic to your content
    3. How to build a highly engaged audience at scale
    4. Why an engaged audience is key to optimizing for the new SEO

    At 3:45pm to 4:45pm, Thursday 7th June

    In 1A14, Jacob K Javits Convention Center

  • New Media LIVE!

    by TheBloggess, aaron yonda, Matt Sloan and Jordan Cooper

    After a few energetic days soaking up the latest in innovative content creation, new media tech tips and social media strategies, it’s time to kick back, cut loose and enjoy the entertainment-focused “New Media LIVE!” Talk Show panel! This has become a favorite tradition at BlogWorld you won’t want to miss. Be there with stars from the Web sharing their stories and secrets to success in Web Video, YouTube, WebTV and Video Podcasting. This edition features Jennifer Lawson, Aaron Yonda, Jordan Cooper and more. Their anecdotes and perspectives are sure to be irreverent, humorous, entertaining, insightful and edgy.

    Note: While adult language is not standard in this event, this panel may contain adult language.

    At 5:00pm to 6:30pm, Thursday 7th June