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Wednesday 6th June 2012

  • Vow to Wow - Being Helpful To Customers Online

    by Robert Scoble, Matt Wilbanks, rcollazo and Jeremy Wasner

    Rackspace’s social media policy consists of two words: “Be helpful”. Do you know how to react if a customer complains about your brand on social media? Do you ignore them, or do you vow to wow them? Rackspace’s social media response team, led by Sr. Manager Rob Collazo and also including engineers Matt Wilbanks and Jeremy Wasner, monitors social networks around the clock to provide “Fanatical Support” to those airing grievances with the company online, from Twitter to message boards. These engineers form a team that is ready to provide “Fanatical Support” to customers within a moment’s notice.

    Key Points
    Led by Robert Scoble, panelists will share how to use 140 characters or less to avert a crisis, empowering your employees to help customers in distress and how to build an internal network of subject matter experts for the best results on being helpful using social media.

    At 9:00am to 10:00am, Wednesday 6th June

    In 1A21, Jacob K Javits Convention Center

  • More Traffic, More Authority, More Customers: Why All Bloggers Should Be Podcasting

    by Pat Flynn, Derek Halpern, Adam Baker and Katie Davis

    Successful bloggers don’t just blog anymore – they’re everywhere. The panelists in this session will share how podcasting in particular has taken their blog and brand to the next level, helping them get more traffic, more authority and more customers with this overlooked, but powerful and untapped medium.

    Key Points
    1. The 3 reasons why podcasting is a no-brainer for bloggers looking to expand their brand and grow.
    2. The truth behind several podcasting myths.
    3. Actionable steps and unique tips from the panelists that you can use to start a podcast of your own and dominate your niche.

    At 11:30am to 12:30pm, Wednesday 6th June

    In 1A15, Jacob K Javits Convention Center

Thursday 7th June 2012

  • What Makes Big Brands Spend Money on Your Blog

    by greg cargill

    Every blogger wants to make a full time living from their blog. The key is to know what your “paying customers”, aka big brands, are looking for in order to spend money with you. In this session you will learn the 10 best ways other than high traffic to have a blog that large brands rush to work with.

    Key Points
    1. What brands look for to spend money on a blog
    2. How much money large brands spend
    3. Examples of blogs large brands spend money with and why

    At 11:30am to 12:30pm, Thursday 7th June

    In 1A07, Jacob K Javits Convention Center

  • 8 Proven Membership Models: How To Quickly Go From Sporadic Sales To Recurring Revenue

    by Stu McLaren

    Selling any “one-off” product is tough. You struggle just to make a sale and then, you wait and hope. Will that customer return? Will they buy more in the future? I have good news… there is an easier (and more profitable) way to monetize your content. The sales are more predictable, the business model is more stable and you get the added benefit of building a deeper relationship with your customers. What is it? Membership Sites. In this session I’ll show you case studies of eight proven Membership Site Models that you can immediately use to monetize your existing blog.

    Key Points
    1. 8 unique membership models you can implement within your existing blog… starting today.
    2. A step-by-step blueprint for starting your first membership site.
    3. Subtle content strategies for turning readers into paying members.

    At 3:45pm to 4:45pm, Thursday 7th June

    In 1A10, Jacob K Javits Convention Center