Sessions at BlogWorld New York 2012 on Wednesday 6th June in 1A12

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  • Crossing the Bridge: No Bullshit Guide to Mobile

    by Jason Falls

    What are the real stats
    * mobile penetration
    * by platform (iphone, BB, android, etc)
    * usage stats – what are folks doing

    Shiny Object Technologies
    * NFC,
    * QR,
    * AR

    * What’s gonna happen in 2012/13
    * What should you be doing in Mobile
    * What should you watch but not feel immediate sense of urgency to jump on today

    At 9:00am to 10:00am, Wednesday 6th June

    In 1A12, Jacob K Javits Convention Center

  • What is Really Working in Mobile Marketing Today?

    by Tom Martin, Tim Hayden, Aaron Strout and Jeff Hasen

    Text Marketing
    * what’s spam and what isn’t
    * when text, what text
    * best practices
    * case study of success — something unique
    * worst practices

    QR Code Marketing
    * what are the real scan rates
    * who’s scanning
    * Case Studies of successes stories
    * Case Studies of real failures

    * is LBS marketing for real or was it just a blip?
    * case studies that were successful AND why
    * major failures of LBS and how they could have been successful

    At 11:30am to 12:00pm, Wednesday 6th June

    In 1A12, Jacob K Javits Convention Center

  • Let’s Make Some Mobile Happen! (ACTIONABLE Steps to Making Your Content Mobile)

    by Sara Santiago

    So, you get it now. You have to make your content mobile, but HOW? Sara Santiago will go through the *actual* steps you need to take to support the mobile devices that your readers are using today. Whether you have a WordPress, Blogger, Movable Type, Drupal, or other type of blog, Sara will show you exactly what you need to do to make your content mobile. Seriously. She has some mad skills.

    Key Points

    We’ll cover:
    Do I really need an “App for that?” (Pros and cons of native app development over mobile web development.) Does the same content fit for desktop and mobile? When is a theme switcher not enough? What are some rookie mistakes that I should avoid? How did Sara get so awesome? Has she stopped coughing yet? More. Much, much more. Come with all of your mobile questions, and get the answers you need for taking the next steps in making your web content mobile. Come bearing cocktails and snacks, and Sara might just do it for you. Probably.

    At 2:30pm to 3:30pm, Wednesday 6th June

    In 1A12, Jacob K Javits Convention Center