Brighton SF

An hour and a half of chat and readings from leading SF authors

6 September 2012 from 6pm to 7:30pm

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Join me on the eve of dConstruct for an hour and a half of chat and readings from leading SF authors at the Pavilion Theatre in Brighton. My name is Jeremy Keith and I’ll be your host for the evening.

Tickets for Brighton SF are £7.

Brighton SF is preceded by this year’s Improving Reality conference in the afternoon. If you’re planning to attend both events, you can buy a combination ticket for £20.

4 speakers

34 known attendees

  • Sophie Barrett
  • Jane Finnis
  • Robin Harrison
  • Seb Lee-Delisle
  • James Box
  • Ruth Harper
  • Stephanie Hobson
  • johanna kollmann
  • Brian Suda
  • Rifa
  • Josh Emerson
  • Phil Gyford
  • Arjan Eising
  • Andy Hume
  • Tantek Çelik
  • Tom Hume
  • Jon
  • Mo Morgan
  • Dan W
  • Azlan
  • Luis Abreu
  • Matt Pearson
  • Chris T-T
  • joanne mcneil
  • Erin Jo Richey
  • honor harger
  • Miles Cheverton
  • marrije schaake
  • Jeremy Keith
  • Jeff Noon
  • Brian Aldiss
  • Lauren Beukes
  • Kate Bulpitt
  • Richard Rutter

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  • Tara
  • Ron Michael Zettlemoyer
  • John Montgomery
  • Manuel Bordallo
  • Jonathan Markwell
  • Kars Alfrink
  • Kevin Marks
  • Stephanie Fletcher
  • Natalie Downe
  • Paul L Ferguson
  • Neil C Ford
  • resting grumpy face
  • Koomerang
  • Relly Annett-Baker
  • Marko Samastur
  • Giulia Alfonsi
  • Simon R Jones
  • Acquire
  • dennis del rosario
  • Georg Portenkirchner

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