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Sajjad Anwar

Hacktivist. Runner. Hearts maps. Shit scared of dogs. Loves to drive. Angry when hungry. bio from Twitter


#Rstats. Recovering yak shaver. Perennial #sysad. Formerly known as @yoda_droid. ~ Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.~

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Ashwan Lewis

blasé, community geek, ex-biologist, garrulous, kooky, moody, nonchalant, optimistic, puts things in alphabetical order, unambitious, vague, xenophile, zany bio from Twitter


Information Architect, Hactivist, Cypherpunk, Bookworm, Cyclist, Open Data geek, Drupalista. Currently Head of Technology at Tactical Tech - @info_activism

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Kiran Jonnalagadda

Purveyor of the finest retweets and other ideas of questionable merit. Helped make @internetfreedom, @hasgeek, @hasjob and @KilterCon. bio from Twitter

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