Sessions at CodeIgniter Conference 2012 UK on Sunday 19th February

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  • MongoDB: Developer Sanity and JSON

    by Alex Bilbie

    New project? Need to design yet another database schema? Phil's migration library your new best friend? Fear not, MongoDB is here and it packs a whole lot of awesome. This talk will introduce you to the MongoDB way of life including the basics of this NoSQL database, it's advantages of traditional relational databases, and a few of the funky advanced features like geospacial indexing and map reduce.

    At 10:30am to 11:30am, Sunday 19th February

  • How CodeIgniter Became Our Savior

    by Alexis Serneels

    Alexis is a CEO & Web Developer at Doodle.be Web Agency who use CodeIgniter day-in-day-out for their projects. This talk describes how using CodeIgniter they have been able to increase efficiency of their development and make great applications quickly following the motto: Quick development = Quick delivery = Quickly get paid. Without ever forgetting that web development is not a quick process: whatever you try. So it’s time to start to cut time-consuming processes where it’s possible. Using this approach they have built a simple in-house CMS that they can use for a wide variety of projects: which certainly beats hacking WordPress into submission or coding new systems from scratch every time!

    At 11:45am to 12:45pm, Sunday 19th February

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  • Epic Workflows

    by Phil Sturgeon

    We've only got an hour but Phil is going to do some live coding (aahhh!) to demonstrate some of the ways he works to knock out websites like a machine, using PyroCMS and Pagoda Box. We'll make a PyroCMS fork so that we can fix or add new things as we learn about them and show you how pull requests work, meaning that you can start fixing those pesky bugs in your favourite projects. Then we'll fire up a new website based on PyroCMS, get a local copy running, a staging environment using Git Flow and a live environment on Pagoda Box when we can map a domain to it and with a bit of config and maybe if we have some time we'll sort out a theme.

    At 1:45pm to 2:45pm, Sunday 19th February

  • Getting Started with Datamapper ORM

    by Harro Verton

    Get your hands dirty with writing Datamapper queries. You'll be working on an existing application, from which some code has gone missing. Fortunately, I still know what was supposed to happen, but need your help to get it back into working order!

    At 3:00pm to 4:00pm, Sunday 19th February