Sessions at CodeIgniter Conference 2012 UK about Workflow

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Sunday 19th February 2012

  • Epic Workflows

    by Phil Sturgeon

    We've only got an hour but Phil is going to do some live coding (aahhh!) to demonstrate some of the ways he works to knock out websites like a machine, using PyroCMS and Pagoda Box. We'll make a PyroCMS fork so that we can fix or add new things as we learn about them and show you how pull requests work, meaning that you can start fixing those pesky bugs in your favourite projects. Then we'll fire up a new website based on PyroCMS, get a local copy running, a staging environment using Git Flow and a live environment on Pagoda Box when we can map a domain to it and with a bit of config and maybe if we have some time we'll sort out a theme.

    At 1:45pm to 2:45pm, Sunday 19th February