Creating multimedia texts and the Australian English curriculum: literacy, technology and multimodality schedule

Monday 28th May 2012

  • Literacy, technology and multimodality

    The aim of this conference is to start educators talking, thinking and responding to the 'creating multimodal texts' objective in the Australian Curriculum for English. Multimodality permeates learning in the 21st century. The question remains about how equipped are we, as educators, to support students to create and respond to the diversity of multimodal texts that bombard them every day.

    This conference features expert practitioners who have already developed effective practical classroom approaches to new multimodal literacies. Their expertise covers areas of new literacy pedagogies, and theoretical and policy perspectives. Prof. Len Unsworth and Dr Angela Thomas head an impressive line-up of presenters, and will draw on insights from the ground-breaking research project into 3D multimodal pedagogy, which was supported by the Australian Children's Television Foundation, and was the inspiration for this conference.

    The program offers participants an opportunity to talk, think and respond to a range of ideas and strategies that will enrich the conversation about 'creating multimodal texts'.´╗┐

    At 9:00am to 4:40pm, Monday 28th May