Code Social #3 schedule

Wednesday 16th May 2012

  • Managing Complexity

    by Richard Millan

    SOA promises scalability, but it is easy to introduce brittleness and overcomplicate an architecture when the right pieces are not introduced. How does a simple application become complex as time passes by? Distributed systems require a different workflow and perspective. What are the key components that are needed to keep the system reliable and easy to maintain while reducing the overall complexity?

    At 6:45pm to 7:10pm, Wednesday 16th May

    Coverage video

  • Design Driven Development

    by Vitaly M. Golomb

    At the core of a successful technology company or product is an elegant solution to a painful problem. Art is an exercise in self-expression. Design ‚Ȇ Art. Design is all about solving problems. Design Driven Development ensures that the first version of your app or service provides the target audience the solution (and experience) they need and not just a checklist of features.

    At 7:10pm to 7:35pm, Wednesday 16th May

  • Mocking HTTP-based APIs with Hoodwink

    by Ian Duggan

    HTTP-based API's abound -- some are RESTful and other, not so much. We'll spend some time exploring the options available for mocking them (and writing mocks for them) form both dev and test environments. Mocking improves speed of development, iteration time, and decoupling, while also removing the requirement that the API exists before you start coding to it.

    At 7:35pm to 8:00pm, Wednesday 16th May