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Todd Ropog

Software developer, craftsman, agilist, gamer, nerd.

Benjamin Bykowski

Vice President of Interactive & Technology at Falls Digital

Steven Harman

maker & breaker of things. lover of life. husband of @reblee. soon-to-be father. co-founder of http://brewdega.com. good at hugs. bio from Twitter

Jacki Keys

Optimist Prime. Basically a bird. Connector of seemingly random dots. Awesome people magnet with wild hair color fluxuations. ❤ powered! bio from Twitter

Patrick Pohler

Implements INerdAbstractionLayer, Developer/Chief of Web & #EECMS shop http://Anecka.com, Married to @haleyrealtor. Blogs at http://www.airbrained.com bio from Twitter

Jän Paul Ostendorf

Brand Strategist. Owner of FORGE. Eternal Optimist. Idea Guy. Husband. Dad. Jesus Follower.

Jamie Altizer

Husband, father, full-time Geek. I work at @GravityWorksDD in mobile, CMS and custom development. I live in JavaScript all day and love it!

Jacob Dingus

Father, Husband, Agile, Lean, Scrum Enthusiast; TDD, Automated Testing proponent; COBOL, ColdFusion, Java developer living in Central Ohio bio from Twitter

Drew Clemens

Director of User Experience for Sparkbox


Chairman of Code PaLOUsa, organizer of the Louisville .NET Meetup group, and Technical Delivery Team Manager with HP Enterprise Services.

Nayan Hajratwala

Agile/Lean Coach - Need to deliver more features, faster & with higher quality? Contact me. 4x improvement guaranteed*! (*results likely, but not guaranteed) bio from Twitter

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James Bender
Steve Bodnar

Experienced software developer; Conference technology provider; President, Geeks and Gurus; President, MADExpo; Detroit Ex-pat enjoys being close to the Ocean bio from Twitter

Chad Rosenthal

Software developer that mainly tweets about Umbraco, .NET, and CMS's. bio from Twitter

Marsee Henon

Partner Manager for O'Reilly Media. bio from Twitter


Jack-of-all-trades, I like new experience and get it firsthand when I can. bio from Twitter

Joel Byler

Agile Software Developer at LeanDog bio from LinkedIn

Joe Kuemerle

Sr. Security Engineer at @aspectsecurity and technical speaker. bio from Twitter

Joel Byler

Agile Software Developer, Husband, and Father of Three bio from Twitter

Andrew Dunkman

I like music, and um… cloth. A software developer and occasional speaker working @Harvest. Professional snapchatter, anti-automobiler. bio from Twitter

Eric Kepes

Husband, Dad (of two geeky girls), Geek. I care about good software.

Jay Harris

Entrepreneur, web developer, speaker. Microsoft Regional Director and MVP. Co-Owner of @aranasoft. Tweets about good tech, great beer, and Reds baseball. bio from Twitter

Julie Pagano

Vacation from the terrible. Friends can find me at @MotherOFirebees. bio from Twitter

Benjamin W. Smith

tech 1337 @ The Groundwork bio from Twitter

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Joshua Smith
This person is speaking at this event.
Barbara Jones

Math is hard. Let's go shopping! bio from Twitter


In love with designing and hand coding highly usable things for the web bio from Twitter

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