Sessions at CodeMash 2012 about iOS

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Thursday 12th January 2012

  • Introducing iOS Programming

    by Gun Makinabakan

    In this session, we will be creating a really simple iPhone application from scratch. We will learn the basics of developing in Object Oriented C, using XCode 4. This session will also include some tips on Mac and XCode environments in order to improve the development experience. After this session, we will realize that developing for iPhone isn't as hard as some developers tend to believe like a CodeStock attendee stated in his/her feedback last year; "I had never seen XCode or Objective C before and I walked away from this session believing that it was within reach."

    At 9:45am to 10:45am, Thursday 12th January

    In Salon F, Kalahari Waterpark Resort Convention Center

  • Storyboards: New development in iOS5

    by Daniel Steinberg

    An iPhone app moves from screen to screen as the user taps and swipes. You can paper prototype or you could use a digital tool to get the feel of your app. Or you could just start developing it using the new storyboard architecture included in Xcode. This session will show you how to use Storyboards to layout and create an application in iOS5 for iPhone or for iPad.

    At 11:00am to 12:00pm, Thursday 12th January

    In Salon F, Kalahari Waterpark Resort Convention Center

  • Continuous Integration on Mobile Platforms

    by Godfrey Nolan

    Just because you're coding Mobile applications doesn't mean that you can't take advantage of the benefits Continuous Integration (CI). Come to this session and learn all about CI on both the iPhone and Android platforms. Learn the difference between Hudson and Jenkins, all about headless emulators, as well as the best tools to use for unit testing, functional testing and beta app deployment of your mobile apps.

    At 4:50pm to 5:50pm, Thursday 12th January

    In Zambezi, Kalahari Waterpark Resort Convention Center

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Friday 13th January 2012

  • UI Automation - Testing iOS Apps from the Top Down

    by Jonathan Penn

    So, for the nth time, you fire up your awesome iOS app to run through your testing steps. Manually. Over and over. And you have to do the same tests on the iPad. And the iPod touch. On iOS 4 and then 5. And you just want to pull your hair out. Oh, and you just found a memory leak. Fix it and start over again. And again. Now we have UI Automation, Apple's official UI testing framework. You manipulate your app with Javascript through the views and controls, similar to the way you'd manipulate a web page. The scripts can drive the simulator or even the device. As part of Instruments, Apple's performance monitoring and debugging tool, you can automate your apps through all kinds of scenarios and evaluate the performance or memory usage. Its so powerful and flexible that it can look a little overwhelming at first. We'll investigate the framework through live interactive demos against a real application and walk through good practices to keep your test suite organized as it grows. A very basic understanding of iOS and Javascript programming is assumed.

    At 9:30am to 10:30am, Friday 13th January

    In Salon F, Kalahari Waterpark Resort Convention Center

  • Preparing for Release to the App Store

    by Geoffrey Goetz

    This presentation will take on the perspective of the independent developer and what needs to be considered prior to releasing an App onto Apple’s App Store. While the information shared will be useful to larger companies and corporations, the assumed actor will be an individual one person does it all perspective (as larger companies would need to involve communications, marketing and legal representation for many of the steps to a successful launch). The presentation will include such topics as setting up a relationship with Apple, preparing for a web presence, and how to handle user feedback and suggestions. It will also go into device provisioning, pricing, and the use of promo codes when getting people to use your App for the first time.

    At 3:35pm to 4:35pm, Friday 13th January

    In Salon F, Kalahari Waterpark Resort Convention Center


  • Developing With iOS5

    by Chris Adamson and Daniel Steinberg

    iOS 5 is a great time to get into iOS programming, as the changes in this version of the SDK radically rewrite some of the most essential rules for developing iPhone and iPad applications. With Automatic Reference Counting (ARC), the bugbear of manual memory management is largely lifted off the developer's shoulders. With Storyboards, you can banish your manual stage-management of view controllers and their transitions, instead using a visual overview of the flow of your application's screens. Take away these hassles and what's left? More time to work on the functionality that's specific to your application. This session will get you up and going with iOS 5 development from a modern, no-legacy point of view. And it'll have you ready for the afternoon's precompiler on Mac development for iOS developers.

  • Mac Development for the iOS Developer

    by Chris Adamson and Daniel Steinberg