Sessions at CodeMash 2012 about Ruby on Rails

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Thursday 12th January 2012

  • Exploiting a RESTful Approach

    by Matt Yoho

    We'll illustrate how much a RESTful architecture buys you when building a Rails application with respect to topics such as: reduced application code, clean client-side interaction, cacheability and scalability, and crafting great public APIs. If you haven't looked at the theory of REST in detail or just need a refresher, we'll cover the essence of the theory as a means of illustrating just how low-friction this approach makes building web applications with rich client experiences. This talk will feature examples and code in Ruby on Rails on the server and Backbone.js on the client, but the ideas are applicable to the design of any web application.

    At 1:45pm to 2:45pm, Thursday 12th January

    In Cypress, Kalahari Waterpark Resort Convention Center

  • Metrics-Powered Ruby/Rails Performance

    by Jeff Casimir

    Ruby can't scale. Tell that to LivingSocial, GroupOn, Gowalla, Sony, and the rest of our community pushing millions of requests per day. Scaling an application isn't about piling up hardware and dropping in the newest database fad, it's the combination of design and refinement.

    In this session, we'll look at refining Ruby code using tools to:

    • Measure memory and object allocation
    • Find CPU-intensive hotspots
    • Isolate data-store bottlenecks
    • Evaluate code complexity

    This is not about info-porn. It's about finding the 1% of your code that, through optimization, can dramatically improve performance.

    At 3:35pm to 4:35pm, Thursday 12th January

    In Cypress, Kalahari Waterpark Resort Convention Center

    Coverage slide deck

Friday 13th January 2012