Sessions at CodeMash 2012 on Friday 13th January in Orange

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  • Bring the Users: Integrating UX into Your Organization

    by Carol Smith

    User Experience (UX) can be surprisingly difficult to bring into organizations. This session will give you the facts to back up your convictions. Carol will provide you with clear and convincing responses to tough questions about UX and usability methods. You’ll leave with facts about the Return on Investment (ROI) of UX, how to respond to UX skeptics, and how to turn your entire team into usability evangelists.

    At 9:30am to 10:30am, Friday 13th January

    In Orange, Kalahari Waterpark Resort Convention Center

  • Developers Can’t Design (and Other Completely Untrue Design Myths)

    by Jen Myers

    Designers are designers and developers are developers and never the twain shall meet, right? Except – not really. There are some imaginary lines drawn around the two disciplines of design and development, but the truth is they are closely intertwined, and it can be very useful for a developer to have design knowledge and skills in his or her toolbox. This presentation will correct some commonly-held misconceptions about design, cover the basics of design from a developer’s perspective and explore how a developer can employ these principles to build clearer, cleaner and more usable applications.

    Discussion: What is design, or more to the point, what isn’t it? Introducing the design myths we’re going to debunk: design is decoration, design is entirely subjective, and design is separate from development.

    Myth #1: Design is decoration. Typically, design is defined as only the visual layer on top of website or application. However, design also encompasses structure, content and organization, at all levels of a project.

    Myth #2: Design is subjective. True, there is difficult-to-define element of creativity to design. But, just like coding, design has rules and guiding principles, such as those dealing with color theory, typography, negative space, ratios and contrast.

    Myth #3: Design is separate from development. They are different disciplines, but having each work in tandem will produce stronger products that won’t need design retrofitting later down the road. Developers can facilitate this with a bit of design know-how integrated into their communication and process.

    At 1:45pm to 2:45pm, Friday 13th January

    In Orange, Kalahari Waterpark Resort Convention Center

    Coverage slide deck

  • Agile & UX: What changes & other CRAP

    by Jon R Stahl

    Are agile and user experience design compatible? Can they work together or is agile a square hole to the UX round peg? We contend that they are compatible. We help you recognize your company's UX appetite, regardless of software methodology. We then look at how agile changes things, discuss some of the UX practices developers need to understand (including CRAP), show how UX and developers can collaborate, and finally discuss agile and UX in the wild.

    At 3:35pm to 4:35pm, Friday 13th January

    In Orange, Kalahari Waterpark Resort Convention Center

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