Sessions at Codestock 2012 about Security

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Friday 15th June 2012

  • WiFu - so you think your wireless connection is safe?

    by Rob Gillen

    In this session we'll discuss various wireless security techniques including common misconceptions and mis-configurations. We will demonstrate how easy it is to compromise even "secured" connections and what the implications are for you as an IT professional. Using free software and inexpensive hardware (~$30), we'll demonstrate a number of attacks and highlight the vulnerabilities that are present in the behavior of many wireless devices.

    At 9:50am to 11:00am, Friday 15th June

    In 406, University of Tennessee Conference Center

  • Securing IT

    by Melinda Stephenson

    Website security breaches have garnered a lot of attention recently. Two of the top vulnerabilities hackers are exploiting are Injection and Cross-Site Scripting. This session will discuss and demonstrate these vulnerabilities and various methods to address them. Attendees will leave with practical knowledge that they can apply immediately to improve website security.

    At 11:10am to 12:20pm, Friday 15th June

    In 400a, University of Tennessee Conference Center

  • Anatomy of a Buffer Overflow Attack

    by Rob Gillen

    You've heard of "buffer overflows" and maybe you've even been the cause of a few, but do you understand why they are bad? Maybe you're a ".NET developer" and you've never really thought about them. In this session we'll discuss how attackers discover buffer overflows, how they interrogate them, and, finally, how they are exploited. We'll walk through a live demonstration from fuzzing through obtaining a remote shell. You'll leave with a better understanding of how they work, and why you should ensure your code is protected from them.

    At 1:50pm to 3:00pm, Friday 15th June

    In 413a, University of Tennessee Conference Center

Saturday 16th June 2012

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