Sessions at Confab 2012 about Curation on Tuesday 15th May

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  • Content Curation Grows Up

    by Margot Bloomstein, Erin Kissane, Aaron Lammer and Mia Quagliarello

    Now that the initial hype around content curation has died down, let’s get real. Erin Kissane will lead a conversation about practice and theory with a group of people involved in different aspects of the work. They’ll discuss:

    • the challenges of curation/aggregation/anthologizing as a whole (by users and by editor-curators)
    • the value for readers, content creators, and the curators themselves (and the organizations they represent)
    • the responsibilities of curators and aggregators (to readers and to content creators)
    • common myths about curation (it’s easy, it’s piratical, etc.)
    • the specific challenges of creating tools and systems for filtering and curation

    At 1:40pm to 2:00pm, Tuesday 15th May

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