Sessions at CONFESS_2012 about Arquillian on Tuesday 8th May

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  • Designing Top-Class Test Suites for Web Applications

    by Lukáš Fryč

    The evolution which came with the Arquillian, award-winning integration test framework, and Selenium, outstanding tool for UI automation, allows to write high-quality tests. But these technologies can’t save the world by themselves, since they are leaving too many questions open:

    • Does Selenium cover everything? It covers page transitions, a simple JavaScript interaction and a portion of DOM. Is it really enough?
    • Mocking requests for testing server-side code is pain. Is it necessary?
    • Are you able to detect that your component’s visual representation changes?
    • Does investigating these changes involve a disproportionate amount of effort?
    • Isn’t manual test development too expensive?

    What if you could fill all the above gaps?

    On Tuesday 8th May

    In Hotel Krallerhof

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