Copenhagen Ruby Brigade, April 2012 schedule

Wednesday 18th April 2012

  • From the trenches: Ruby on Rails at Karnov Group

    by Mads Buus Westmark and Tobias H. Michaelsen

    Last month Karnov Group launched their new revised online services. Tobias and Mads from the brigade, helped them transition from a very expensive custom framework and hosting Java/XSL-based solution, to a much leaner, faster and prettier application with a lot of new features.

    The company Karnov Group is behind the massive publications in legal litterature most famous for the 'Karnov' for a decade, and their publications are used in almost every lawfirm, accountants, courts, police and throughout the public sector.

    We will give you an overview of how an enterprise rails solution might look, an insight into what we did to make the transition as smooth as possible, and the troubles we faced.

    We will NOT bore you with the actual website details and content :-)

    We hit a few bumps on the road using the latest technology, some of which might also have general interest. Technologies involved: latest Rails, latest JRuby, Trinidad/Tomcat, Apache Solr, Oracle, XSL (not much), jQuery & Twitter Bootstrap, and tools like Monit, Jenkins, Capistrano and New Relic RPM.

    At 7:00pm to 7:00pm, Wednesday 18th April

    In Podio


  • Stackato

    by jonasbn

    Stackato is a cloud solution from renowned ActiveState. It is based on the Open Source CloudFoundry and offers a serious cloud solution for Perl, Python, Ruby, Node.js, PHP, Clojure and Java programmers

    Stackato is very strong in the private and public PaaS area, but do also support deployment onto Amazon's EC2.

    The presentation will cover basic use of Stackato and the reason for using a PaaS, public as private. Stackato can also be used as a micro-cloud for developers supporting vSphere, VMware Fusion and VirtualBox.

    Stackato is quite impressive in both features and tools and ActiveState has committed to keeping the micro-cloud solution free so it offers an exciting capability and extension to the developers toolbox and toolchain.