Sessions at Copenhagen Ruby Brigade, June 2012 on Wednesday 6th June

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  • Food and drinks

    At 6:00pm to 7:00pm, Wednesday 6th June

    In Zendesk

  • Deploying Rails on Windows in a tight-ass enterprise

    by Jeppe Liisberg

    My journey building a prototype on rails in a M$ loving coorporate environment

    On Wednesday 6th June

    In Zendesk

  • Elixir

    by José Valim

    From http://elixir-lang.org

    Elixir is a programming language built on top of the Erlang VM. As Erlang, it is a functional language built to support distributed, fault-tolerant, non-stop applications with hot code swapping.

    Elixir is also dynamic typed but, differently from Erlang, it is also homoiconic, allowing meta-programming via macros. Elixir also supports polymorphism via protocols (similar to Clojure's), dynamic records and provides a reference mechanism.

    Finally, Elixir and Erlang share the same bytecode and data types. This means you can invoke Erlang code from Elixir (and vice-versa) without any conversion or performance hit. This allows a developer to mix the expressiveness of Elixir with the robustness and performance of Erlang.

    On Wednesday 6th June

  • iBeThere

    by Mads Foli Bjerre

    We have generously been invited to make a brief presentation of iBeThere, an iPhone app that helps you and your friends let each other know when you leave, when you arrive and where you are in-between. We call it "communication by location", and we're pretty excited by the prospects. The backend is built with Rails, and we need a talented RoR developer to join our team and make iBeThere even better.

    On Wednesday 6th June

    In Zendesk

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