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Kenneth Brøgger-Luplau

Front-end developer with design background. Loves the advanced that feels simple - and hate the opposite.

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Olav Junker Kjær


Andreas Madsen

I like to solve the hard problems, that other people seams to dismiss. bio from Twitter

Marcin Ignac

Computational design, generative art, data visualization. bio from Twitter

Martin Stub

Trainee at Aperture Science Enrichment Center bio from Twitter

Henrik Kok

UI Developer @Zendesk with a strong passion for UX and design. Favorite tools include Backbone, Sencha Touch, jQuery, Zepto, SASS and NodeJS.

Jens Sorensen

Software/Web Entrepreneur, Marketing, Developer, Sales, CTO at e-conomic in Denmark bio from Twitter

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Richard Olsson

Freelance all-around programmer, feminist, speaker, teacher, Away3D team member, author of The Essential guide to 3D in Flash bio from Twitter

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Allan Ebdrup

Quality in JavaScript code (browser and node.js)

Yari D'areglia

OSX, IOS and Web developer, Co-founder of @Jumpzero . Currently working on http://gradientapp.com OS X App. bio from Twitter

Morten Nobel

Game Developer bio from Twitter

Kamil Trebunia

Open Web Developer. Specializes in games and mobile apps development. bio from Twitter


Entrepreneur / Freelancer Day job: http://DOT.NET developer Night job: RoR developer / technical co-founder http://www.mikiaholding.dk bio from Twitter

Martin Gausby

Polyglot Developer. Has done client-side web development in the past. Converting to Erlang/Elixir and french. Living in Copenhagen, wanna go to Paris. bio from Twitter

Poul Cummings

Passionate Frontend developer apart of the JS samuraiLeague bio from Twitter

Anders Ringqvist

for teh #lulz, #cookies and #ponies bio from Twitter

Jonas Mosbech

Hi, I'm Jonas. I like to build stuff. bio from Twitter

Christian Nilsson

A climbing, beer drinking/brewing developer(or partner): http://bit.ly/Do6nC bio from Twitter

Mads Viktor

Digital Tinker/Thinker. #UXDesigner and #Fullstack #Developer. Founder of Kasts.co and co-founder of Wellplayed.io. #html5 #js #nodejs #design #UI #UX bio from Twitter

René Hansen

Software Engineer @ Zendesk bio from Twitter

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