Sessions at D2WC 2012 on Wednesday 16th May

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  • Workshop: A better way to build apps with JavaScript - AngularJS

    by Kai Koenig

    AngularJS is a Javascript framework that comes with the subtitle “What HTML would have been had it been designed for web apps”. With HTML5 currently being overhyped and both Adobe as well as Microsoft turning the back to their former plugin-based poster children Flash/Flex and Silverlight, a lot of web developers ask themselves: “Now what?”. The technology stack of HTML5/JS and CSS will obviously play a more and more important role in the future; the frameworks, libraries and tools we have at hand do not quite compare to what the aforementioned plugin environments can provide though.

    This becomes clear in particular when we’re trying to build complex but still well structured applications in HTML and Javascript. Even the use of frameworks such as jQuery, ExtJS etc will in many cases lead to an unfavourable architectural structure. AngularJS tried to overcome those issues and provide developers with an MVC-based architecture, Dependency Injection and Data Binding. The best is – it still works fine in combination with the JS libraries of your choice, there’s no need to drop tools like jQuery.

    In this half-day hands-on class we’re going to get you started with application development in AngularJS. You should have a good working knowledge of HTML and Javascript, jQuery experience is useful, but not necessary. Topics will be: Templating, the MVC pattern in general and with AngularJS, Data Binding, View Routing and service and external resource integration.

    At 8:30am to 12:30pm, Wednesday 16th May