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Saturday 30th June 2012

  • How your website is being pwned while you're not looking

    by Troy Hunt

    We all invest a lot of effort in the quality of our web development and (hopefully) security is one of those practices we bake in from the ground up. Thing is though, like most things in software development, times change and many of the practices we considered secure yesterday aren’t necessarily so today. Hardware gets faster, automation becomes more prevalent and the bad guys simply find new ways to break our good work. This session looks at a collection of lesser-known practices which are being employed to break through website security, often circumventing what we’ve traditionally held to be “secure” practices. We’ll take a look at what these practices were designed to protect, how they’re being broken and what we need to do differently to protect against them.

    At 10:20am to 11:20am, Saturday 30th June

    In CB04.02.34, University of Technology Sydney

  • Principles for Developing Secure Applications

    by nainsandeep

    Over the years, secure coding advocates have researched and provided a set of principles which if implemented aid in designing and building secure applications. In this talk, the speaker will explain what each of these principles mean through practical examples. The attendees of this talk will learn:

    • Importance of secure architecture
    • Principles of secure application design and development such as complete mediation, defense in depth, principle of least privilege etc.
    • Identify the fine line between security and ease of use

    At 3:50pm to 4:50pm, Saturday 30th June

    In CB04.02.35, University of Technology Sydney

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