Sessions at Digital Shoreditch Festival 2012 about Persuasion on Friday 25th May Identity

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  • The importance of identity in creating persuasive user journeys

    by Andy Farmer and Digital Agency Cimex

    Whilst technology is increasingly allowing us to interact and engage 24/7/365, at home, work, out and about and in most places round the world, it is mostly seen as an enabler rather than an agent for persuasion. Many would argue that the growth of digital and social technologies puts the user back in control however, we'll argue it actually gives brand marketers more touchpoints to influence audience behaviour. A multi-channel customer journey is a fragmented complex affair that doesn't sit neatly with broad socio-economic definitions. To be commercially effective in a multi-channel world, the disciplines of user experience, ethnography and tribal behaviours have never been more important. Unlocking group behaviours that may sit across age groups, earning power or household size is the key to developing persuasive destinations that drive audiences to take action.

    At 2:35pm to 2:40pm, Friday 25th May

    In Digital Shoreditch Big Top

  • Identity Table Top Sessions

    MzTEK Tinker Space - Emilie Giles, MzTek

    Digital Identities - Keiichi Matsuda and James Alliban, Cell

    The importance of identity in creating persuasive user journeys - Andy Farmer, Cimex

    Testimonies - Lorenzo Belenguer

    SPOGO - Can digital get you physical? New service, spogo.co.uk, uses digital to make the nation healthier post London 2012 - Richard Pearey, Spogo (with spotify and zeebox partners)

    Online consumers are the hero of their own epic adventure.
    Successful brands play 'best supporting actor' and don't hog the limelight - Adam Graham – CEO, Weapon7

    Global movements fuelled by social media - Ilka Noggler

    Digital Identity Mapping - Abhay Adhikari

    At 3:30pm to 4:00pm, Friday 25th May

    In Digital Shoreditch Big Top

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