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Monday 21st May 2012

  • I Know Me - a musical

    by Martin Wright

    A special pre-transmission screening of a musical developed for BBC Learning. This musical has been developed for and with young people with learning difficulties.

    Questions answered :
    TV and media content for Special Educational Needs. Talking to audiences with a difference.

    At 9:00am to 3:30pm, Monday 21st May

    In Digital Shoreditch Big Top

Friday 25th May 2012

  • East End Film Festival on 'IDENTITY'

    by EastEndFilmFestival

    Join the East End Film Festival at Digital Shoreditch for a cinematic exploration of identity in the digital age. Technology, the virtual realm, gaming, social media and their role as the new building blocks of the self will be unpicked in an evening of cinema, clips and cuts traversing this brave new world, including:

    A selection of four short films exploring online identity:

    "Guy 101" - A man hears a story about a hitchhiker from the other side of the Internet in this BAFTA winning short. http://www.movieola.ca/video_str...

    "Avatar Days" - A documentary portrait of four online gamers in Dublin whose daily lives contrast with their virtual identities. The film uses 3D and Motion Capture animation to insert the players’ in-game characters in place of their real selves against the backdrop of the banal urban landscape which they inhabit. http://vimeo.com/12018667

    "Internet Story" - A strange, fast-paced film told through fragments of internet videos, animations, blogs and news articles. A series of shocking events unfolds when a young man creates a public treasure hunt for his own amusement and a video blogger decides to pursue the riddles across country. http://vimeo.com/13780892

    "A Life on Facebook" - A man's life story life told through his Facebook page. http://vimeo.com/17116254

    Live feed from New York – 15 mins - Introduction from director Ondi Timoner

    Feature screening - "We Live in Public" - 90 mins - WE LIVE IN PUBLIC reveals the effect the web is having on our society, as seen through the eyes of “the greatest Internet pioneer you’ve never heard of”, artist, futurist and visionary Josh Harris.

    At 8:30pm to 10:50pm, Friday 25th May

Thursday 31st May 2012

  • Table Top: Personalised Music and Gaming

    by Robert Thomas

    Mobile computing has opened the doors for many new types of personalised interactive experiences. When experience designers know so much about what a user is doing at at time, they can tailor the content to fit perfectly into the users life. This talk will look at some of the ways RjDj has explored this with apps such as Inception the App and Dimensions. For instance by creating sonic experiences which change when you are still, quiet, running, during the night, or when its full moon. Questions answered : What can make content relevant to peoples lives? How can we make digital content have real value again? What is the future of distributed music beyond the recording?

    At 1:45pm to 2:15pm, Thursday 31st May

    In Digital Shoreditch Big Top

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