Sessions at Digital Shoreditch Festival 2012 about Public Relations

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Monday 28th May 2012

  • PR for Start-ups – it’s not about ego, it’s about sales

    by Bob Dearsley

    PR = media coverage = buzz and excitement = curiosity = interest = sales Quite simple really! We are a B2B technology PR consultancy – experts in bringing tech start-ups into the public eye. But why is PR important? As above, PR creates rapid sales interest amongst early adopters and beyond, but it also brings your ideas to the attention of potential investors. Bob Dearsley, Founder and Chief Exec of ITPR, will host a discussion on promoting tech start-ups in the media, the tangible benefits of such activity and the pitfalls that many ambitious tech start-ups suffer in their PR and marketing strategies.

    Questions answered : How can I promote my business in the early days, even when I haven’t got any customers yet? My idea is really rather technical and complex – can I still get the media interested? Which media should I target and with what sort of material? How can I get the attention of insanely busy journalists? How can I promote my business specifically to attract investor attention? I’ve secured a community of early adopter customers, but how do I move my product into the awareness of the mainstream? How do I make sure my media coverage actually creates sales opportunities? What role does social media play in all this?” “What value is rich content – videos and infographics rather than the written word”

    At 2:00pm to 2:30pm, Monday 28th May

    In Digital Shoreditch Big Top

  • How to get free publicity for your business in the media

    by Mary Murtagh

    Award-winning journalist Mary Murtagh will be sharing her expertise as a media insider in her 'How to get free publicity for your business in the media' mini-workshop. Mary travels all over the UK sharing her knowledge about how businesses can grow by using the media. She trains entrepreneurs, start ups and social enterprises on how to write brilliant press releases, what journalists want and how to fast forward their business by featuring in newspapers, radio and television. In this seminar Mary will give her ten top tips for killer press releases, share real life examples of past delegates' media coverage and the positive impact it had on their business and answer any questions you always wanted to ask a journalist but never dared ask.

    Questions answered :
    What do journalists want? How do I get my business featured in the media? How do I write a press release? What tips have you got for getting journalists' attention?

    At 2:30pm to 3:00pm, Monday 28th May

    In Digital Shoreditch Big Top

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